Content Update 8/27


Big Hero 6 LEGENDARY EVENT Coming Soon!

September Login Calendar is Big Hero 6 Themed!

PIXAR FEST Celebration coming soon!

Stitch Tower event coming soon!

New feature – event trophies! When you complete an event, collect an exclusive event trophy to show off in your trophy showcase on your player profile!

New Big Hero 6 Passholder Season + New Platinum Passholder w/ 6X Value

Big Hero 6 Characters added to Nodes for farming!
Hiro – Hero 8-A + Grand 3-F

Fred – Hero 2-E + Villains 3-E

Honey Lemon – Heroes 3-E + Villains 4-E

Wasabi – Heroes 4-E + Villains 5-E

Go Go – Grand 5-B

Big Hero 6 Characters added to Premium Exchange

Big Hero 6 Character Unlock Star Level:
Hiro 2*
Fred 3*

Honey Lemon 3*

Go Go 4*

Wasabi 4*

Baymax 5*

Big Hero 6 Characters Added to Grand Campaign Chest – Hiro, Go Go

Big Hero 6 Characters added to Ultimate Chest – Hiro, Go Go, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred

**Bug Fix**

Hiro had 2 leader ability issues fixed (Had to be pushed from Client Update 13 to today)
Shan Yu’s leader ability not providing offense up upon opponent defeat is fixed now
Genie’s Duplicate Health percentage was bugged and is now fixed

We apologize these were not in the notes for yesterday’s Client Update 13, but we adjusted Maui’s recovery by 23% and reduced his Recovery stat at T7 to align with our changes to help reduce timeouts in Arena. We will be monitoring these changes.