Content Update 9/2


Onward Event coming – Removed Hard Gear requirement for the last 2 tiers of each battle

Coastal Conflict Trial coming – Surfs up!

Very Special Birthday Celebration – The Cake is not a lie!

Scrooge’s Money Bin Heist coming – Get all the Gold!

Pixar Fest Celebration continued – Which Movie is your favorite?

Full T4-6 Gear pieces no longer donatable in clubs


**Bug Fix**

Hiro’s “Microbarrier” level 4 – Baymax now granted undefeatable

Baymax’s “Major Impact” – now Purges enemy effects based on charges

Go Go’s “Zero Resistance” ability had a text error displaying 3 hits, when it should have always been 2. This text has been corrected. In addition, the damage has increased for this ability.
Baymax’s “Your Personal Healthcare Companion” now charges Hiro

Honey Lemon’s “Chem-Purse” now grants 1 Magic to Target BH6 teammate