Content Update 6/24 – Club Conquest Changes

Grand Coins now available in Side Campaigns on Grand Energy nodes!
Queen’s Clash is coming back – Earn Zurg!
Sunnyside Playtime returns – Earn Lotso!
Campaign/Grand Energy Leaderboard is coming back with refreshed rewards! (Hint: Passholder Coins)
6/26 – Stitch Day Celebration with FREE Login Calendar!

Returning Events
6/25 – Coastal Conflict Event
6/26 – Rapunzel Tower Event
6/28 – Gear 2x Drop in Heroes & Villains Campaigns
6/29 – Stitch Tower Event


Club Conquest is being brought up to speed with fresh updates and increased rewards! Various aspects of the mode are being adjusted to make gameplay more active and compelling. The specific changes are:

Conquest Points needed for victory reduced: 45000 => 30000
Combat Phases reduced: 4 => 1
Combat Phase duration reduced: 16 hrs => 12 hrs
Conquest Points for successful attacks increased: 15 => 125
Conquest Points for defense increased: 5 => 15
Usable characters for attacks and defense increased: 50 => 70
An additional reward power tier has been added for Clubs with over 25 million total team power
Additional gear has been added to rewards, including T7 gear for higher power tiers

Timing of various phases have also been adjusted to work with the new duration. The new schedule is as follows:

Registration: Monday 11:00pm – Saturday 11:00am ( PT )
Matchmaking: Saturday 11:00am – Saturday 12:00pm ( PT )
Planning: Saturday 12:00pm – Sunday 10:00am ( PT )
Attack: Sunday 10:00am – Sunday 10:00pm ( PT )
Gathering Rewards/Battle End: Monday 11:00pm ( PT )

These updates are aimed at refreshing the player experience in Conquest, and are part of an ongoing effort to continue to adjust the mode and keep it exciting! Keep an eye out for more changes in the future.


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