Content Update 6/10/2021

  • Wreck-It Ralph Side Adventure Campaign – Earn Shank, King Candy, and Sergeant Calhoun!
    • The Wreck-It Ralph Campaign unlocks at level 15.
  • Sergeant Calhoun updated from 3* > 2* Unlock
  • FREE Pride Month Emote and Talisman!
  • Cruella Damage Leaderboard Contest – deal the highest amount of damage with Cruella in PvP!
  • Sensational Six Damage Leaderboard Contest – deal the highest amount of combined damage with all Six of the Sensational Six Characters!
  • 6/11 – Ferocious Faceoff Event
  • 6/12 – Rapunzel Tower Event
  • 6/14 – Gear 2x Drop in Heroes and Villains Campaigns
  • 6/15 – Stitch Tower Event
  • 6/15 – Galactic Rune Rumble Event

Sugar Rush Refresh

·       Now upgrades the number of teammates called to perform Basic Attack, rather than increasing a chance.
·       Wreck-It Ralph teammates now deal bonus damage.
·       Flipped upgrades of level 1 and 2
o  Now has a minimum number of teammates that will be called at base.
o  Now upgrades to fill Speed Meter.
·       Now gains Spell Charge whenever you inflict Sweetened.
o  Decrease the max charge from 6 to 5.

Golden Hammer Refresh

  • Adding “If revived teammate is Fix-It Felix, grant them 100% max Health restored, Harmful Immunity for 1 turn, and fully restore their Magic.”
  • Adjusting the of Health and Speed Meter.
    • Before the change at current max rank, restores 50% max Health (55% to Downtown Heroes) and grants 50% Speed Meter.
    • After the change at current max rank, restores 25% max Health (55% to Downtown Heroes) and grants 50% Speed Meter.
    • We want the release version of this rework to closely match what is on live, however the scaling over-all has been changed so with future upgrades this will give more Health and less Speed.

Sergeant Calhoun Refresh

  • All-Around: Replaced “Inflict Defense Down for 2 turns” with “Inflict or extend Defense Down for 1 turn, up to a max of 3.
  • Basic:
    • Defense Down is on both hits of her ability.
    • Increasing chance of follow-up.
    • Follow-up attack now does bonus damage per duration of Defense Down on target opponent.
  • Special A:
    • Adding “If Fix-It Felix is defeated, perform this ability on the enemy that defeated him regardless of Magic Charge.”
    • Instead of dealing bonus damage to Defense Up targets, the ability will now incrementally remove Defense Up before starting to apply Defense Down.
    • Bonus damage per Defense Down duration in raids.
  • Special B:
    • Beacon’s Health will now always be Calhoun’s Health. At our current gear level, this is a small increase but it is better at early levels and also frees up several upgrade slots.
    • Beacon’s attack now inflicts or extends Defense Down and will have upgrades that increase its damage.
    • New upgrade lets Beacon attack on Calhoun’s turn.
    • Beacon now shields itself instead of healing itself to better match its mechanical theme.
    • No longer gains Reflect.
  • Passive:
    • Changed Defense ignore to a flat percent (instead of scaling with the number of Downtown Hero teammates.)
    • Bonus chance to Assist Wreck-It-Ralph characters.
    • Significant bonus damage to Stunned or Staggered enemies.

Sorcerer’s Tournament Exchange Update

  • Sergeant Calhoun
  • Daisy Duck
  • Hiro
  • Cogsworth
  • Hermes

24hr Chest, Grand Campaign Chest, Loyalty Chest Updates
For players level 60 and up, chests now include T7 Gear as well as some increases to T3-T6 gear drops and increased gold drops.