Client Update 17.0 + Content Update

Summoners! We are extremely excited to announce the coming of 17.0 to DSA! This release will be a combined release with our Content Update so there is a ton of information below. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this release and provide feedback. Once this is out the door, we will get back to work on the other modes our team has been putting together for you! See you all in the Arena!

-DSA Dev Team

  • The ‘Seeing Spots’ Event is going live! Power up your Kingdom Villains team and battle to earn Cruella Tokens!
  • Sensational Six Part 1 And Part 2 are coming back!
  • New Passholder – Cruella
  • Passholder XP Leaderboard Contest – Earn points by completing daily quests and using Campaign Energy!
  • Ascension Energy Leaderboard Contest – Earn points by using Ascension Energy! (Level 65+ Only)
  • FREE Gear Login Calendar! Enjoy this gift in celebration of the Ascension Campaign launch.


  • June 04 – Coastal Conflict returns!
  • June 05 – Hunchback Tower Event returns!
  • June 08 – Scrooge’s Money Bin Heist returns!
  • June 08 – Triton Tower Event returns!


Character Adjustments



Hiro is one of those characters with such good all-around utility that most of the time it feels like you HAVE to bring him into combat to be competitive. We wanted to bring his power more in line with other supports characters and also address the significant 30% Speed bonus that he was giving to his BH6 allies, which in the end was too much of a bonus. Also, with the change to his Microbarrier ability we wanted to retain the ability to give AoE Evasion, however this should only happen in a more specific team-comp. Overall Hiro is still a very good and viable character for PvP play, and these changes will open up the possibility for players to experiment with some new team compositions.


Put simply, the Sheriff was just laying down the law way too hard with his special abilities and was able to one-shot characters in certain situations. These changes aim to remove the ability to have unbounded damage scaling but still allow for big hits if the correct conditions are met.


Sven was in the same boat as Sheriff in terms of needing an upper limit on the amount of bonus damage scaling on his abilities. Some of the hits from Sven that we’ve seen go way beyond what we intended in terms of Sven’s damage output. However, we still want Sven to be able to lay out decent damage if the correct conditions are met, so these changes are intended achieve that balance.


Only one change was made to Stitch which was to put an upper limit to the duration that Stitch can extend Defense Down on a target opponent. Similar to Sheriff and Sven this unbounded damage scaling made for some unintentionally-strong attacks, so this change is intended to address that.


Cobra Bubbles is a beast of a character. His abilities do many, many things, and then he also deals out significant damage. The changes we’ve made to Cobra Bubbles bring him more in line with other support characters, however we suspect he will still retain a very high status as a high-utility support. Overall Cobra still plays similarly to how he did before but he is tuned to be more balanced.


Honey Lemon is another great character in terms of her support utility. The one change we made with her was to reduce the damage of her “Now That’s A Chemical Reaction” ability. It was hitting too hard and also inflicting very strong debuffs, so we tuned the damage down a bit to achieve a better balance given this ability’s utility.

  • Hiro Hamada
    • Special A – Microbarrier
      • Changed level 2 upgrade ‘Grants affected teammates Evasion.’ to ‘Grants affected Tech teammates Evasion.’
    • Special B – Upgrades
      • Increased Magic cost from 3 -> 4
      • Reduced the amount of Speed Meter that Hiro gains from 30% -> 10% at base ability  level.
    • Leader – Use Those Big Brains
      • Changed level 3 and level 4 upgrades from ‘+5% Speed.’ to ‘+2% Speed for ‘Tech’ teammates’. This means that the ‘Big Hero 6’ Speed boost will NOT scale up with the upgrades but instead will remain a fixed value of 6% across all upgrade levels.
      • Changed ‘Big Hero 6 teammates gain an additional 15% Speed.’ to ‘Big Hero 6 teammates gain an additional 6% Speed.’


  • Sheriff of Nottingham
    • Special A – Well-Timed Treachery
      • Changed ‘bonus damage dealt’ values to the following:
        • Base level: 75% -> 30%
        • Upgrade level 2: 30% -> 20%
        • Upgrade level 4: 30% -> 20%
    • Special B – Big Bellied Bully
      • Changed ‘bonus damage dealt’ values to the following:
        • Moved initial unlock of bonus damage logic to upgrade level 2
        • Upgrade level 2: 25% bonus damage -> 5% bonus damage
      • Changed ‘Deal X% bonus damage per Helpful effect on this character.’ to ‘Deal X% bonus damage per Helpful effect on this character, up to a max of 10.’


  • Sven
    • Basic – Reindeer Dash
      • Changed ‘Damage is increased by 25% per Helpful effect on this character.’ to ‘Damage is increased by 10% per Helpful effect on this character, up to a max of 10’.


  • Stitch
    • Basic
      • Changed “Each hit from this attack has a X% chance to inflict or extend Defense Down for 1 turn.” to “Each hit from this attack has a X% chance to inflict or extend Defense Down for 1 turn, up to a max of 5.”


  • Cobra Bubbles
    • Basic – Information Is Power
      • Reduced damage dealt on this ability since we felt it was currently undervaluing the utility of the Magic gain that it offers for Cobra’s special abilities.
    • Special A – Staredown
      • Changed level 2 upgrade from ‘Inflict Silence for 1 turn.’ to ‘50% chance to inflict Silence for 1 turn.’
      • Reduced initial Speed Meter decrease from 30%->10%
      • Increased Magic cost from 3->4
    • Special B – Call Me Next Time
      • Base level:
        • Lowered duration of Tactics, Haste and Offense Up from 2 -> 1.
      • Increased Magic cost from 4->5


  • Honey Lemon
    • Special A – Now That’s A Chemical Reaction
      • Reduced damage amount by X%. This ability was never meant to smack as hard as it does given the fact that it is doing so many other strong debuffs.

New Character Tags

  • Belle
  • Esmeralda
  • Genie
  • Rapunzel
  • The Beast
  • Aladdin
  • Anna
  • Cogsworth
  • Flynn Rider
  • Jasmine
  • Kronk
  • Lumiere
  • Maurice
  • Maximus
  • Mrs. Potts
  • Mulan
  • Quasimodo
  • Raya
  • Robin Hood
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey


  • Claude Frollo
  • Shan Yu
  • Gaston
  • Jafar
  • Mother Gothel
  • Namaari
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Yzma



Hercules performs an attack on the opponent affected with ‘Intimidate’ after gaining speed fill or speed meter

Hercules + Baymax Patient – Hercules gets empowered after gaining Invincibility using “Patient” buff

Hercules + Baymax – Baymax’s “Patient” buff removes the “Protect” buff from Hercules

Hercules uses all his counter attacks on teammate when they attack him while charmed.

If Hercules becomes empowered while charmed his ability icons are missing during his next turn

Flipping Buff/debuff which does not have turn count on it flips into HoT/DoT for 0 turn

Honey Lemon Now That’s a Chemical Reaction: The ability does not apply harmful effects if one of the helpful effects removed by it was harmful immunity

Character affected by “Unstoppable” buff is not immune to Silence, Stun and Charm debuff

Fowl Play sometimes does not steal any buffs

Scar – Long Live The King: Scar fails to assist allies

Ursula – Vengeance: Vengeance getting triggered while Stunned and it does not cleanse Stun from Ursula

Hopper –  Hopper’s special ability “Let’s Ride” Purges all Helpful Effects from the opponent every time despite having a 40% chance after upgrading to Level 4

Blue Fairy Magic – The Spell applies continuous healing for 0 turns if it cleanses Vulnerable

Sven – Reindeers Are Better Than People: When assisting, Sven’s getting the Offence Up from the level 2 upgrade, even if the move is just level 1.

Yzma – Pull the Lever! The ability lowers the enemy speed bars to 0 regardless of the amount of speed bar they had

Prince Eric – Don’t Worry, I’ll Help You – Prince Eric’s passive ability Don’t Worry, I’ll Help You triggers for a charmed opponent character

The Beast’s ‘Beastly Rage’ ability sometimes does not steal any buffs

Cobra Bubbles continues to gain Speed Meter when Intimidated

Stitch Experiment 626: Stitch counterattacks despite the Intimidate Harmful effect

Elsa: Elsa cannot use her abilities when her Glacial Armor and The Bridge passive abilities get activated during the same turn

Dr. Facilier’s Dark Redemption passive ability triggers before it is unlocked

Honey Lemon Auto Battle: Honey Lemon might skip her turn on Auto Battle Mode

Baymax You Are My Patient: Patient is not removed from allied Character if Baymax is defeated while being Charmed


“[Hercules Doesn’t lose Protect When Invuln]

We are aware of this bug with Hercules, and while we would have liked to get it out for this release, after doing much investigating, the fix for it is more complex than anticipated, and we will tackle it at a later date.

-DSA Dev Team”