Content Update 2/9

Celebrate Valentine’s Day from February 13 – 19 with Flash Gifts! Enable push notifications to get notified when Flash Gifts are available so you don’t miss out.

Head to the store for DSA Dynamic Duo deals available February 13 – 19!

Each purchase of a Dynamic Duo offer counts as a vote toward those characters. See who the community picks for this year’s Dynamic Duo on February 21st on the official DSA Twitter Channel! All players who vote will receive a free BONUS gift on February 21st!


2/09 – Mother Gothel: Mother Knows Best Event

2/11 – Leaderboard Event: Villains Energy

2/11 – Summoner Showdown: Season 6, Round 2

2/11 – Coastal Conflict Event

2/12 – Tower Event: Hunchback

2/13 – Valentine’s Day: Dynamic Duos

2/13 – Valentine’s Day: Flash Gifts Week

2/13 – Hercules: Zero to Hero Event

2/14 – 2x Drop: Gear

2/15 – Tower Event: Triton

2/15 – Galactic Rune Rumble Event

2/16 – Leaderboard Event: Passholder

2/16 – Raya: Heart and Fang Event


Bug Fixes:

[Mickey Mouse][Disneyland Forever][Charm] Mickey Mouse defeats allies and heals opponents when he uses his special ability Disneyland Forever while Charmed

[Tiana][Gumbo pot][Charm] Gumbo pot still restores health to teammates when charmed by the opponent

[Baymax][The Fist] Baymax’s level 5 basic attack is a damage buff but the corresponding icon coincides with healing ability

[Baymax][Major Impact] The ability does not cleanse Helpful Immunity effect

[FIX-IT-FELIX][It’s My Job to Fix!] Felix does not gain 1 Magic when Ralph or other character inflicts a harmful effect on teammate