Client 20.1 Fixes

Selecting Club Expedition causes application to crash
Localization strings are needed for “Out of Stamina” and “Cooldown” text for use during LTA events
Character stats are improperly aligned in the Units section.
Debug text “More text just case” is present on character selection screen
Unavailable units are not greyed out as they are in Raids after use
Purchasing Loyalty Coins and Grand Chest makes the Currency at top disappear
VIP Node Attempt and Energy Refresh not correct
Pain and Panic’s “Snatch and Grab” does not apply Slow upon the target’s Stasis expiring
The club coins received from the club expedition floor chest is not adding to the inventory, until the game is relaunched.
[Stasis][Snatch and Grab][Pain and Panic] Players cannot attack if last character has Stasis
User cannot see tier info once the expedition has started
Under club adventure leaderboard listing, Club Dungeon leaderboard is displayed instead of Club Expedition.
Ability descriptions are obscured by the iphones “notch” playing the device with it on the left
[Frozone][Ice Block] Ability does not grant Critical Chance Up, Crit Power Up and Undefeatable on Stasis end
Push notifications fail to be received when a Club Expedition has been launched
Co-leaders are unable to start an expedition
Debug strings are observed in Tier 7 Floor club expedition info screen.
[UI Refresh][Hiro Hamada][Elsa][Lighting] Hiro Hamada and Elsa’s character animation appears a bit dark than teammates in the battle lobby
[UI Refresh][Character selection screen][Lighting] Few of the characters appear bright and washed out on character selection (Battle lobby) screen
[UI/UX][Player Profile][iOS][Light theme] Background on the Player Profile screen and game pop-ups appear lighter when the device display theme is set to Light theme.
[UI/UX][Club Conquest][Second Place Rewards] Ribbon is missing for Club Conquest Second place rewards popup
[UI/UX][Collections][Maleficent] Maleficent is displayed with green background in character preview screen instead of red.
[Club Expedition][Daily/Club Quests] Daily Quest does not update and an incorrect popup is shown for the players below level 30 after tapping on the ‘Go’ button for Club Expedition Daily/Club quests
[Raids][Tier Selection] The info present on the Tier Selection screen is not scrollable in both Raids
[UI/UX][Ursula Raid] Contract Pop Up appears to be corrupted when the player transitioned from Sams battle to Mini Ursula Battle.
[Club Expedition] Milestone rewards for few tiers mismatch
[Art][Milo Thatch] Milo Thatch animation appears radiant in battle lobby
[Club Expedition] Green bar is misplaced on the battle selection screen
[Club Expedition] Incorrect progression is shown for all completed floors and Club Expedition tier
[Level up Rewards] Level up rewards are missing for Level 6,7,8 and 9
[iPad Mini 6] Black bars are displayed on the sides of the screen
[Club Expedition][Room Environment] The Room screen in the background is scrollable when the Battle room UI is open.
[Navigation][Find Flow] Selecting a characters token fails to advance the player to that characters details screen
[Raids][Summoned Characters and Spells] Summoned characters and spells are not carried forward to the next encounter after defeating the boss.