Club Conquest Changes

  • New power tier for rewards added, 3,000,000+, with increased rewards, including T8 gear
  • Increased overall reward value for all tiers.
    • Added T8 gear to 2,500,000 first place
      Increased Gold and Training Potions for 2,500,000 power tier
      Increased ability upgrade materials for all tiers
      Increased T4-T6 gear for 500,000 power tier and up.
  • Adjusted tuning for attack points and required Conquest Points to win
    • Conquest Points for a successful attack: 125 => 150
      Conquest Points to win: 30000 => 24500

Dev Note: We are actively investigating Club Conquest feedback as this feature continues to grow and evolve, including strategies surfaced by players that may undermine more interactive and attack-focused strategies. We plan to address this feedback in a future Conquest update to keep the game mode exciting for all players, so stay tuned for more updates ahead!