Client Update 21.0 Bug Fixes

Bug List 21.0||

[Passholder Rewards] Emotes on the passholder reward screen fail to animate on the passholder reward panel

[Store 3.0] Premium Exchange tab remains pipped after navigating there

[Environment][Downtown Area 01] Graphical corruption is present in the environment.

[Environment][Campaign] Floor is over brightened in a couple of battle environments.

[Gear] WARDED SHADOWSHELL WIND (T7) pieces should have HEART in the name

[Store Packs][UI/UX] Clock Tower bundle appears with Fix-It Felix Asset

[Gargoyles Tower][Rewards Chest Banner] ‘Victory’ text is missing on the Rewards Chest ribbon of the Gargoyles Tower Event

[Events][Spells] Skull icon appears on locked Spells in the Event Tier menu

[Toy Story Side Campaign][Charm] Opponents affected with Charm harmful effect skip their turn in all Toy Story Side Campaign battles

[Ascension Campaign] User is able to access Ascension Campaign via ‘Ascension Campaign’ daily quest while Campaign is in the locked state

[Toy Story Showdown] Gabby Gabby’s Dummies do not spread Midnight Countdown to her opponents using their Basic ability

[Neverland Event][Wendy][Immune Floater] “Immune” floater text is not displayed when a user tries to inflict “Stasis” on Smee in Wendy encounter of Neverland event

[NPC][JellyFish] JellyFish’s Special ability A doesn’t activate at all

[Exchange] “Not enough currency” popup for Sorcerer’s coins in exchange does not show from where the currency can be earned.

[Club][Crash]| Game is crashing on selecting game home button from club screen.

[Clubs][Leader] When Leader is the last member to leave a club, no information is given that the Club will be deleted

[Localization] [French] The name of Queen of Hearts has overlapping letters

[DEV][UI/UX][Limited Time Arena][Celebration][Profile Frame] Equipped profile frame is not displayed for the players during Celebration phase in Limited Time Arena

[QA][20.0][LC][Passholder] Highlighter for “Your Points” is missing during the hidden state

[DEV][20.0][Store 3.0][Frozen Lucky Draw Pack] Debug text is present and small font is used for ‘CONFIRM’ for Frozen Lucky Draw Pack in Store 3.0

[Localization][Store] Text overlapping is observed in content details of multiple packs in French, Portuguese and Russian

[Club Conquest][Simba’s Leader ability] Simba is granting full bonus health instead of 20% at the start of each round

[Sorcerer’s tournament] Purchase button for cooldown attempt timer is misplaced in the Sorcerer’s tournament UI

**Club Expedition: **
[Club Expedition][Design] Users are able to spam Sugar Rush indefinitely when battling Queen of Hearts

[Club Expedition][Tier 8][Floor 5] The bottom deploy room is not visible and bottom battle rooms are not revealed completely on the map area for Tier 8 floor 5

[Club Expedition][Mickey Mouse & Simba ] Mickey’s & Simba’s Leader abilities can be selected while attacking in club expedition

[Club Expedition][Tier 9][Floor 4] Application freezes mid battle when battling Queen of Hearts Boss in Tier 9 Floor 4 randomly

[Club Expedition][Tier 2][Floor 4] Bottom Rooms are not revealed completely on the map area for floor 4.

[Club expedition][Boss: Leaderboard] Other club members who participated in the Boss battle war are shown in the Boss leaderboard

[Club Expedition][Gabby Gabby deck] Gabby gabby doesn’t takes any damage if she comes out of the stroller while her teammates are still alive in club expedition

[Club Expedition][Battle room] No proper text message or functionality is observed, when a player tries to enter a battle which is already under attack by another player.

[Club Expedition][Tier 9][Floor 4] Application freezes mid battle when battling Queen of Hearts Boss in Tier 9 Floor 4 randomly

**Raids: **
[Titan Raid][Status Effect][Imprison] Functionality of the “Imprison” Status Effect is not working as intended

[Titans Raid]The Titan cards are not loaded if the next raid starts while user is in the lobby screen.

[Titans Raid][Buff/Debuff info] Blank buff/debuff info pop-up is displayed for all the characters in the raid battle, when no buff/debuff is present on them.

[Raids] Damage dealt by revived character is counted towards reviving character

[Raids][Gramma Tala] Gramma Tala spell cleanses the poison effect in raids

[Raids][Contract] Contract selection is not seen when user reaches the Mini Ursula battle randomly

[Raids] No message/popup is displayed when user taps on “Go” button for reward Raids tickets in campaign possible rewards if user is below level 30

[Localization]: DE, ES, FR, JA, RU, CHS, CHT: Arena – Victory Screen – Non-localized Text

**Character Tickets: **
[Battle][Speed Meter] Cleanse and flip effects may trigger for Speed bar reducing abilities

[Polymorph] Polymorph effect does not wear off after extending it and stunning polymorphed character

[Pain and panic][Ursula(My Pooppsies)][Special B] Morphed Ursula(My Pooppsies) deals 1 damage

[Pain and panic][Yokai(Units)][Quorra][Special B] Ability not ready pop-up appears when player uses Spire (Converted Pain and panic) ability during game-play

[Pain and panic][Special B] Pain and panic doesn’t deal any damage on getting converted to ‘Davy Jones’ Units

[Pain and Panic] [Mickey] Transformed Pain and Panic into Mickey are unable to attack the opponent

[Pain & Panic][Maleficent] Maleficent’s “Now Shall You Deal With Me” ability gets trigged for transformed Pain and Panic after activating Pain and Panic’s passive ability “We are Worthless Worms!”

[Pain and Panic][It Wasn’t Us!][Emperor Zurg] Emperor Zurg’s “Rapid Ion Blaster” ability gets trigged for transformed Pain and Panic and hit themselves after activating Pain and Panic’s passive ability “We are Worthless Worms!”

[Pain & Panic][Eve][To Be Loved] Eve’s passive ability “To Be Loved” gets triggered along with Pain & Panic’s passive ability “I Thought They Looked Dashing” when Pain & Panic transforms into Eve and triggers Passive ability

[Pain and Panic][Esmeralda][Djali][Pain and Panic] Pain and Panic after transforming into Djali deal no damage

[Pain and Panic][It Wasn’t Us!] Transformed Pain and Panic into Jolly Roger pirate v1 are unable to attack the opponent

[Pain & Panic][Maleficent][Animation] Maleficent’s “Serve Me well” ability animation is played for transformed Pain and Panic when their passive ability “We are Worthless Worms!” is triggered.

[Pain and Panic][Eve][Animation] Improper animation is played for Pain and Pain for the passive ability “I Thought They Looked Dashing” when they are transformed into Eve.

[Pain and Panic] SA Mickey’s ability icon is displayed for Pain and Panic after transforming into Jolly Roger Pirate V1.

[Pain & Panic][It Wasn’t Us!] Character’s passive abilities are getting triggered for the transformed imposter

[Pain and panic][Special B] Pain and panic doesn’t deal any damage on getting converted to ‘Davy Jones’ Units

[Olaf][Special A – Living the dream] Olaf is granting tactics for 2 turns to the teammate.

[Bo Peep][Fowl Play] Spell is unable to apply copy of purged Defense Up of Bo Peep to teammates

[Wendy][Gumbo Pot] Spawned copy of the Gumbo Pot skips turn during the battle

[Ursula] The eyes of the character Ursula is not synced and the position of the right eye doesn’t look proper.

[Tiana][Enthrall and Charm] Tiana’s basic is chain attacking teammates when an opponent with Enthrall or charm is targeted.

[Tiana][Gumbo Pot][Clone] Gumbo Pot’s clone skips turn during the battle

[Esmeralda][Entrancing Exit] Esmeralda’s passive ability description for level 2 and 4 is not correctly localized in Spanish language

[Esmeralda][Feast of Fools] Esmeralda’s special ability “Feast of Fools” prioritizes summoned “Conjuring Cauldron” spell

[Esmeralda][Entrancing Exit] Short description of Esmerelda’s passive ability ‘Entrancing Exit’ is incorrectly localized and has debug strings at level 2 and level 4 in all languages except English, French and Pt. Brazil

[Mike Wazowski][Scare tactics] Incorrect amount of Helpful effects status are granted to Sulley

[Beast][Enchanted rose] Beast is able to gain more than 6 enchanted roses by using his special A ability Get Out!

[Milo][Basic – Boiler Bonk] Club adventure buff given in basic ability is working in other modes as well

[Donald Duck][Localization] Donald Ducks passive “Short Tempered” appears mistranslated in Japanese

[Hercules][Animation][Counterattack][Strength of the Gods] Attackers are seen floating in the air while counter-attacking when Hercules uses his Special Ability ‘Strength of the Gods’

[Claude Frollo][Leader][Magic increase] When opponent with Continuous damage is defeated by claude, teammates does not receive any magic increase

[Hiro Hamada][Baymax][Major Impact] Polymorphed Hiro Hamada slides across while trying to jump onto Baymax after using Major Impact ability

[Hiro Hamada][Upgrades][Level 4] Hiro Hamada does not gain a copy of the buffs after using his Special Ability “Upgrades” on Baymax at level 4

[Cruella][After Them!] “After Them” ability deals bonus damage to a random opponent instead of the one with lowest HP

[Sergeant Calhoun][Relentless Assault] The damage is not increased by 50% for the following hits if previous one inflicted Defense Down while in Raid

[Mickey Mouse][All Together] Mickey Mouse revives teammate with full Health using his special ability “All Together” in any mode

[Maurice][Genie][Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate] Fixed up in no time] Maurice’s skill “Fixed up in no time” is not creating a copy of the Genie summoned from DUPLICATE DUPLICATE DUPLICATE

[Maurice] Maurice’s Magnificent Invention ability doesn’t removes defense up from enemies

[Maurice][Djali] Summoned Djali due to Maurice’s “Fixed up in no time” deals only 1 damage

[Maurice][Card Soldier] Spawned copy of Card Soldier deals 1 damage for basic attack

[Maurice][Bucket of Soldiers] If Maurice targets a Bucket O’ Soldiers using his ability “Fixed Up In No Time”, the spawned copy only deals 1 damage.

[Megara][Keep Moving Junior] Purge floating text is missing when Megara purges helpful effect from the character

[Emperor Zurg][Galactic Evil] Galactic Evil passive ability is not activating properly

[Quasimodo] Quasimodo’s ability “Sanctuary” gives buffs to random teammate instead of the one with the lowest health

[Davy Jones][Dead Man’s Chest] Charm is transferred to the Dead Man’s chest and then to both Davy Jones and Flying Dutchman crewmates on revival

[Robin Hood][Favorable Odds] Purge text is missing when the ability purges helpful effect from opponent character

[Gadget][Reverse Polarity] Ability does not reflect back the Harmful effect that Gadget resists

[Emperor Zurg][Golden Hammer] Revived Emperor Zurg is unable to use his passive ability

[Belle][Basic] Belle’s basic ability at level 4 has inconsistency for assist

[Belle][Enchanted Mirror] ‘Enchanted Mirror’ may trigger when Belle’s speed meter is reduced

[Pocahontas][Spirit of The Deer] Ability triggers only once per battle

[Rapunzel][Restoration Incantation] Ability doesn’t revive teammate defeated by Charmed Rapunzel

[Rapunzel][The Sundrop] Rapunzel’s Passive A ability triggers despite the ‘Silence’ Harmful effect

[Merida + Cobra Bubbles][My own hand] Merida’s ability ‘My own hand’ does not attack twice after getting ‘Tactics’ from Cobra Bubbles

[Merida][Choose Your Fate] Merida’s special B ability does not purge the helpful effect “INVULNERABLE” when “EMPOWERED”

[Engineering][Android] Entering battle with Merlin and Maurice causes the application to crash

[Sergeant Calhoun][Supporting Fire] Sergeant Calhoun may assist the charmed teammate and perform a follow-up attack on the friendly unit

[Hopper][Passive – What’s yours is mine] Floater text is not displayed when passive ability is triggered.

[Blue Fairy Magic] Blue Fairy Magic does not increase target’s Speed Meter while cleansing Intimidate Harmful effect

[Steamboat Mickey][Douse and Drench] Steamboat Mickey’s Douse and Drench ability does not inflict slow for 2 turns when upgraded to level 2 as mentioned in the description

[Steamboat Mickey][Cargo Crane] Steamboat Mickey’s Cargo Crane ability does more damage than mentioned in the description

[Simba][Hakuna Matata] Simba’s Hakuna Matata ability inflicts Taunt for more turns than mentioned in its description

[Clock Tower][Polymorph] Characters affected by the pumpkin polymorph effect have their defense reduced to 0

[Big Bad Wolf][Huff and Puff] Big Bad Wolf’s Huff and Puff ability does not always inflict Defense Down on Hero characters

[The Queen of Hearts][All Ways Are My Ways] The Queen of Hearts gains copies of all 3 Helpful effects purged by its passive ability rather than 2 Helpful effects as mentioned in the description

[Dr. Facilier][Tarot Toss] Dr. Faciler’s Tarot Toss ability inflicts a harmful effect for incorrect amount of turns

[Dr. Facilier][Tarot Toss] Skull Card triggers when Dr. Facilier’s Tarot Toss basic ability is on LVL 1

[Mor’Du][Wild Swipe] The ability does not deal the additional 30% damage when Ancient Rage Empowered.

[Jasmine][Free Spirit] Jasmine grants 2 stacks of Continuous Healing to Aladdin, Genie or herself instead of 1

[Design][The Horned King][Rise Cauldron Born!] Summoned Black Cauldron and Cauldron Born inflict only 1 damage to enemy when affected by Guaranteed Critical effect

[Yzma][Pull the Lever] Tracks displayed do not extend across the battlefield

[Fred][It’s Fred Time] Offense up and Charge buffs doesn’t gets consumed when Fred uses them right after getting the buffs