Disney Sorcerer’s Arena 2-Year Anniversary

Content Update 3/16


We are happy and honored to be able to celebrate our 2-year anniversary with you all. It’s been a fun adventure and we look forward to what the future brings!

In celebration of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena 2-Year Anniversary there will be tons of exciting activities from March 20 – 26, so keep an eye out! Passholder Season 47 has arrived, featuring the exclusive Sorcerer’s Arena Hades Outfit! Unlock this outfit by completing the GOLD track. Don’t miss out on Anniversary Flash Gifts, Club Expedition Bonuses, Limited Time Daily Quests, Flash Sales, and more!

3/16 – Passholder: Season 47 DSA 2-Year Anniversary
3/16 – Monsters Inc.: The Scare Floor Event
3/16 – Leaderboard: Passholder
3/16 – Leaderboard: Monster Inc. Damage
3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
3/18 – Pirates of the Caribbean Ride 55th Anniversary
3/18 – Summoner Showdown: March Round 03
3/18 – Spectral Standoff Event
3/19 – Tower Event: Gargoyles
3/20 – DSA 2-Year Anniversary Celebration
3/20 – DSA 2-Year Anniversary Flash Gifts
3/20 – DSA 2-Year Anniversary Expedition Bonus
3/20 – DSA 2-Year Anniversary Limited Time Daily Quests
3/20 – Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event
3/21 – Leaderboard: Tiana Energy
3/21 – 2x: Grand Coins
3/22 – Tower Event: Rapunzel
3/22 – Sally’s Potent Potions Event
3/23 – Zurg: The Queen’s Clash Event (Final Run!)

Bug fixes and Expedition Layout adds (Tentative barring testing)