Update 12.0



We are happy to announce that Update 12.0 is coming soon!

Here is what you can expect with 12.0: 

Challenge a Friend or Clubmate’s Sorcerer’s Tournament Defense Team

Player can change their payout times 2-times every 365-days

Allow player to toggle VIP status visual

Character Effect Icon Display updated

Elite Node attempts now show single heart w/ attempts left as a number

Locations with Bonus Loot now visible in Find Flow

VIP Request All Button

Event Towers are coming soon! Get ready for a brand new type of event!

Grand Campaign Changes
Node 3H: Ian (Addition)
Node 5L: Monterey Jack (Addition)
Node 6G: Robin Hood (Addition)
Node 6D: Jack Skellington (Removed Monterey Jack)
Node 6E: None (Removed Jack Skellington)

Hero Elite Campaign Changes
Node 5C: Barley (formerly Sheriff of Nottingham)

Villain Elite Campaign Changes
Node 5A: Robin Hood (formerly Monterey Jack)

We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing your feedback!