Content Update 7/8


A new content update is coming soon!


Microbot Mania Event Coming

New Daily Deals

Sorcerer’s Trials Coming



Wild Imagination:

Heal Block no longer affects all opponents: Instead applies to primary target, chance to apply to adjacent targets.

Chance to apply Heal Block to adjacent targets scales from Toy Story allies.

Continuous Damage no longer applies to all opponents. Now applies to primary target and adjacent targets.

Spell now Applies Fear to primary target and has a chance to apply Fear to adjacent targets based on the number of Toy Story teammates.

Dad Moves:

No longer inflicts Silence on all opponents. Instead, applies Silence to primary target with a chance to apply to adjacent. Chance increases based on number of Onward allies.

Spell now grants Ian and Barley gain unstoppable.

Golden Hammer:

Undefeatable and speed meter fill now only applied to Downtown Heroes.

Grants Undefeatable to Downtown Heroes on revive.

Base charge rate reduced

Bonus charge gained on teammate being defeated


Grand Campaign Changes

Node 4F: Rafiki (Addition)

Villain Elite Campaign Changes

Node 5D: Simba (formerly Darkwing Duck)


Simba/Rafiki/Ian/Barley/Robin Hood – Added to Ultimate Chests

Ian/Rafiki/Robin Hood – Added to Campaign Chests

Simba/Rafiki/Ian/Barley/Robin Hood – Added to Premium Exchange

Mythical Sorcerer’s Trial Update