Sorcery Surge Offers

Greetings Summoners,

We‘re rolling out a new set of offers designed to help players access higher level content.

Sorcery Surge Offers can help you progress in your campaigns and play competitively with your club members.


Sorcery Surge Offers can upgrade your existing Player Level, Squad Power, Campaigns,  Summoner Challenges and Tower of Endurance Progress upto preset levels defined within the bundle. Your existing progress across each of these power vectors will never be lost or reduced. Sorcery Surge Offers also grant a number of additional rewards, as specified within the bundle, as part of your purchase.

See more details on how Sorcery Surge Offers work below:


Player Level:

Sorcery Surge I can upgrade your Player Level to the preset level described within the bundle description. If you purchase a Sorcery Surge I Offer that grants a lower level than your current Player Level, your Player Level will remain the same and you will not be granted additional level up rewards.


Squad Power:

Each Sorcery Surge I Offer can upgrade certain stats for specific characters to a designated power level. Characters with stats that already meet or exceed the designated power level in the bundle won’t receive any upgrade and additional compensation will not be granted. Character stats above the designated power level will not be reduced. If a character has some power vectors above the designated power level and others that are below, the character will not lose progress and only those power vectors, below the designated power levels, will be upgraded to the power level described within the bundle description. 

As an example, if a Sorcery Surge Offer grants a 3 Star, Gear Tier 6 Aladdin, and you already own a 5 Star, Gear Tier 3 Aladdin, after the purchase you will own a 5 Star, Gear Tier 6 Aladdin.


Campaign Progress:

Sorcery Surge I Offers can advance certain Campaigns /Summoner Challenges / Tower of Endurance progress up to a preset node and 3 star all skipped battles. Purchasing a Sorcery Surge I Offer will never reduce your Campaign progress or the number of stars earned on a particular battle. Completed campaign battles can always be replayed.

There are three tiers of Sorcery Surge Offers available. These offers are unlocked at specific Player Levels, see Eligibility & Impact below for more details. Each Sorcery Surge Offer can only be purchased once per account.


Daily Quest -Reward Booster: 

Each of the Sorcery Surge II and Sorcery Surge III Offers will boost the Daily Quest rewards by a preset multiplier for a certain number of days as mentioned in the respective offer. Login daily and complete all Daily Quests to get maximum rewards and accelerate to higher levels in the game. Failure to log in and claim rewards daily will result in players forfeiting rewards for those missed days.


Eligibility & Impact: 

1. Sorcery Surge I Offers unlock at Level 8, Sorcery Surge II Offers at Level 45 and Sorcery Surge III Offers at Level 50.

2. For Sorcery Surge I Offers, Locked or Unlocked Characters with partial tokens, will be unlocked and upgraded to preset state, as described in the offer. However, no character tokens will be granted and/or converted into ‘Token Shop’ currency. Characters that are already at the stats described in the offer will not be upgraded further. 

3. These offers can be purchased only once per account.