Content Update 3/06/24

Hope some of you have successfully acquired Platinum Ariel & Platinum Elsa and are shining bright in the Arena with your Platinum Squad. Hurry up for those who haven’t as the Platinum Event ends today! Battle in the Stand Out, To Infinity and No Capes Event to acquire Goofy, Captain Lightyear and Edna respectively – required in the chase of Platinum Donald.

The DSA 4th Anniversary Celebration begins soon! Participate in activities all month long, collect daily login calendar rewards, complete Daily Quests to earn Anniversary coins, Steamboat Mickey and Linguini & Remy tokens (Anniversary coins can be used to open the special Anniversary Packs from the store. Enjoy awesome deals over the weekend.

Thank you for your continued support, and see you in the Arena!

3/6 | Leaderboard: Inferno Energy
3/6 | Inferno Campaign : 2x Drop – Gold
3/7 | Maleficent: The Mistress of All Evil Event
3/7 | Evil Queen: Fairest in the Land – Event
3/8 | Leaderboard: Frank Wolff
3/8 | Summoner Showdown – New Season | Round 1
3/8 | DSA 4th Anniversary Celebrations – Anniversary Quests, Special Offers, Outfit Calendar
3/9 | Tower: Hunchback
3/9 | Trials: Coastal Conflict
3/10 | Beauty and the Beast Event
3/11 | Main Adventures: 2x Drop: Gears

As a leader, Simba has developed and begun to guard his pride, providing stealth and tacitly defending them. Now, as he attacks his opponents, he turns to his pride for support.

DSA 4th Anniversary Celebrations ft New Sorcerer’s Arena Outfits for Aladdin and Jasmine
Anniversary special Ad Chest