New Tower!

Lilo and Stitch Side Campaign Added – Trophy moved to Campaign completion Achievement

The Haunted Arena celebration ends 10/31. Spend all your Haunted Coins before they disappear!

10/27 – Wall-E: Last Robot On Earth Event
10/27 – Gizmoduck: Gizmo’s Tech Training Event
10/27 – Summoners’ Showdown: Season 3, Round 3
10/28 – Onward: Path of Peril Event
10/28 – Leaderboard: Villains
10/29 – Costal Conflict Event
10/29 – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Anniversary
10/29 – 2x Drop Event: Sally, Jack, and Oogie Boogie
10/30 – NEW Gargoyles Event Tower: Use Demona, Xanatos, and a team of Adventurer characters to conquer this event tower and unlock Goliath!
11/01 – Passholder: Season 38
11/01 – Daily Login Calendar: Adventurers
11/01 – PvP: Monsters, Inc. Rewards
11/01 – Leaderboard: Passholder
11/01 – Toy Story: Toy Story Showdown Event
11/01 – 2x Drop: Tokens
11/02 – Summoners Showdown: Season 3, Round 4
11/02 – Monsters, Inc. 20th Anniversary
11/02 – Rapunzel Tower Event
11/03 – Cruella: Seeing Spots Event

5-K: Chip (previously Cobra Bubbles)
7-F: Xanatos (previously Captain Gantu)

4-D: Chip (previously Captain Gantu)
8-B: Xanatos (previously Cobra Bubbles)


Xanatos and Chip Added

Tournament Exchange

Miguel (Exclusive)


Demona/Xanatos Added

Character Refresh



Removed: On Crit, inflict Cont Dmg
Added: X% chance to inflict Cont Dmg per Hit + X% chance per DTV & Gargoyles
Added: If opponent has Cont Dmg, repeat the attack

Special A

Added bonus damage per Gargoyles & DTV

Special B

Removed: Does not extend Stun or Cont Dmg

Passive A

Added: X% offense VS Cont Dmg. X% chance to assist Gargoyles teammates’ basic attacks
Added: X% Passive Activation chance per DTV and Gargoyles


Xanatos – is a cunning Offensive utility who can both deal heavy damage and summon to protect his team. He excels with his coveted Gargoyles teammates.

Goliath – The best Offense is a good Defense. The solid wall Goliath protects his teammates from harm by buffing his defense and granting shield