Content Update 7/18/23


Hope some of you got a chance to acquire Elizabeth Swann and test out her supportive abilities alongside other Oceanic characters.

The Robin Hood’s Golden Heroics Leaderboard Contest ends today- Hurry and Climb the ranks to earn GOLD rewards!

This week in DSA we have the Stand Out and the Monsters, Inc: The Scare Floor Events. Head into the event battle to earn exclusive Powerline and Mike Wazowski character tokens respectively.

Don’t miss to check out the store for a limited-time T9 Gear Sales and tons of great deals from July 21 – 24!

7/18 | Tower: Triton
7/18 | Trials: Sally’s Potent Potions
7/19 | Inferno Campaign: 2x Drop- Gold
7/20 | Goofy Movie: Stand-Out Event
7/21 | Leaderboard: Sensational Six Damage
7/21 | Summoner Showdown- Round 3
7/22 | Trials: Coastal Conflict
7/22 | Tower: Gargoyles
7/23 | Monster’s, Inc.: The Scare Floor Event
7/24 | Main Adventures: 2x Drop: Gears
7/27 | Leaderboard: Linguini & Remy Energy

New Gear Tab (STORE) Schedule:
Weekly Schedule:

T1 – T4 gear Bundles: Active Every Day
T5 Health & Speed Bundles: Monday – Wednesday
T5 Offense & Defense Bundles: Thursday – Sunday
T6 Health & Speed Bundles: Monday – Wednesday
T6 Offense & Defense Bundles: Thursday – Sunday
T7 Mythical Bundles: Monday
T7 DTV Bundles: Tuesday – Wednesday
T7 Kingdom Bundles: Wednesday – Thursday
T7 DTH Bundles: Saturday – Sunday
T8 Reagents Bundle: Monday – Wednesday
T8 Catalyst Bundle: Thursday – Sunday


– Fixed a bug where Emperor Zurg’s Passive “Massive Ion Blast” damages the opponent with the highest Health percentage twice.
Now it will hit the initial opponent only once and then chain onto other opponents.

– Fixed a bug where Mike Wazowski’s Special “Scare Tactics” Level 3 upgrade increased the amount of FEAR Sulley inflicts from 1 to 2 turns and with bonus potency from 100% to 200%.
Now Sulley will inflict FEAR for 1 turn to all opponents with a bonus potency of 100% from Level 3 onwards.

Auto-Complete Towers (for limited-time Tower Events)
7/27 – Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event
7/30-  Alice in Wonderland: Peculiar Party Event

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!