Please update the app to use the AUTO COMPLETE functionality in the Limited time Tower Events. This option will be available for all players once the respective tier of that Tower Event is completed going forward.

This week in DSA we are celebrating the International Friendship Day– get a limited-time Friendship Day Ad Chest, containing special rewards that includes T7 Essences, available in the store from July 25 – 31, and don’t miss out the Free Gift and Celebration bundle on July 30.

7/25 | Leaderboard: Snow White Damage
7/25 | Tower Event: Rapunzel
7/26 | Inferno Campaign: 2x Drop- Gear
7/27 | Leaderboard: Linguini & Remy Energy
7/27 | Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event
7/28 | Summoner Showdown- Round 4
7/29 | Trials: Ferocious Face-Off
7/29 | Tower: Hunchback
7/30 | Alice in Wonderland: Peculiar Party Event


– Fixed a bug where Hiro Hamada’s Basic Ability “Megasmash” level 4 upgrade was available at level 3. Now Guaranteed assist will trigger after ability is upgraded to level 4.

– Fixed a bug where Go Go Tomago lost all her Evasion stacks upon using her Special Ability “Woman Up!”. Now Go Go Tomago keeps her Evasion when using her Special “Woman Up!”.

– Fixed a bug where Donald Duck’s Passive ability “Short-Tempered” Cleanses all Harmful effects when Empowered but the passive description doesn’t mention this functionality. The Passive Ability description is updated in order to reflect that behavior. The functionality of the passive remains unchanged.


– Passholder Season 80: Ft. Bruno

– Summoner Showdown: New Season

– Paw Party Celebrations

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!