Content Update 6/13/23


Hope you all are doing well. Hope some of you got a chance to get the latest characters released in the game from Encanto IP – Bruno and Pepa.
We have considered community feedback and are re-working on Pepa’s and Bruno’s Gear pieces to increase their Potency, more details on that when it goes live.

This week features Special rewards from Passholder Season 77- Gold & Platinum track. Get a Gear frenzy that includes

– New Tier 9 Intermediate Gear pieces
– Tier 3 – Tier 7 Final gear pieces
– Higher amounts of T7 – T 8 gear pieces.

Keep a lookout for free Inbox Gifts as part of the Anniversary Celebrations falling this week. Enjoy 2x Token Drop, Flash Gifts, Expedition Bonus, and a Special Ad chest as part of the Father’s Day celebration beginning 6/17.

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!


6/13 | Tower Event: Rapunzel
6/13 | Trials: Galactic Rune Rumble
6/14 | Leaderboard: Sensational Six Damage
6/14 | Inferno Campaign: 2x Drop- Gear
6/15 | Wall-E: Last Robot on Earth Event
6/15 | Celebrations: Incredibles 2, 5th Anniversary
6/16 | Celebrations: Elemental, Movie release
6/16 | Passholder Season 77 ft Kida & Milo and Higher Gear Tier rewards
6/16 | Leaderboard: Passholder
6/16 | Summoner’s Showdown ft. Summons Team- Round 3
6/16 | Trials: Ferocious Face-Off
6/17 | Tower: Hunchback
6/17 | Celebrations: Lightyear, 1st Anniversary
6/18 | Father’s Day Celebration
6/19 | Leaderboard: Snow White- Damage
6/19 | Main Campaign: 2x Drop: Grand Coins
6/19 | Celebrations: Mulan, 25th Anniversary


Winnie the Pooh
Leader ability to be available only in Club Conquest when on Defense.

6/26 – Celebrations -Stitch Day
6/22 – Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event
6/25 – Alice in Wonderland:  Peculiar Party Event