Hello Summoners,

A new update is available!

📣Introducing the Stamp Card Feature! 📣

We are excited to announce the new Stamp Card feature for our awesome DSA players! This feature aims to reward you on eligible purchases without adding any extra complexity to your gaming experience.

Here’s a quick summary of the Stamp Card feature:
🎁 For select real money purchase in the store, you’ll earn X stamps. The game will automatically paste these stamps on your card.
🎯 The Stamp Card panel drops down from the top edge of the screen inside the store after every purchase, showing your progress in terms of empty stamp slots.

💰 There are three types of rewards you can unlock:

1. Accumulated Rewards: Collect small amounts of coins or other resources every time you stamp an empty slot. Once all slots are filled, you’ll receive the total accumulated resource.

2. Chest Reward: Earn a special chest at the completion of a Stamp Card, containing character shards and other resources.

3. Spot Rewards: Instantly unlock and receive rewards embedded in special slots on the Stamp Card when you stamp them.

🔍 Check the “i” button for drop rates and details on instant rewards.
📖 A First-Time User Experience (FTUE) will explain how the feature works and the rewards you can get.

Get ready to collect stamps, unlock rewards, and make the most of the Stamp Card feature! Happy gaming! 🎮
See additional terms and conditions in-game FTUE.

Thank you for continuing to play. See you in the Arena!