Content Update 5/4

This month we’re excited to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 8th!

Check out your inbox for some goodies, a FREE talisman, and a reminder to call your mother or whoever else you choose to celebrate this special day with! Don’t forget to check the store for a limited time Celebration Bundle!

From May 8 – 14, you can earn bonus Gramma Tala, Mother Gothel, and Elastigirl tokens in Club Expeditions! From May 11 – 13 you can also find 2x token drops for Mrs. Potts, Demona, Elastigirl, and Sergeant Calhoun across the various campaign modes.

Snow White: Fairest of Them All Event Continues!
05/04 – Wall-E: Last Robot on Earth Event
05/04 – Gizmoduck: Gizmo’s Tech Training
05/05 – Onward: Path of Peril Event
05/06 – Leaderboard: Lily Houghton Energy
05/06 – New Season of Summoner’s Showdown
05/06 – Coastal Conflict Event
05/07 – Event Tower: Hunchback
05/08 – Mother’s Day Celebration
05/08 – Mother’s Day Club Expedition Bonus
05/09 – Toy Story: Toy Story Showdown
05/09 – 2x Drop: GEAR
05/10 – Event Tower: King Triton
05/10 – Galactic Rune Rumble Event
05/11 – Leaderboard: Frank Wolff Energy
05/11 – 2x Mothers Token Drop