Content Update 5/11

It’s the final week for this run of the Snow White: Fairest of Them All Legendary Event, which ends May 15! We have a 2x Token drop on May 13, so don’t forget to whistle while you work on finishing up your team!

Once we’re out of Snow White’s neck of the woods, there are 3 new characters just around the corner! But who could they be?! Think, think, think.

05/11 – 2x Drop: Mother Tokens
05/13 – 2x Drop: The Miners Tokens
05/13 – Ferocious Face-off Event
05/13 – Summoner Showdown, Round 2
05/14 – Tower Event – Gargoyle
05/15 – Sensational Six: Part 1 and 2 Event
05/16 – Passholder Season 51 – Rescue Rangers
05/16 – Leaderboard: Passholder
05/16 – Leaderboard: Snow White Damage
05/16 – 2x Drop: Grand Coins
05/17 – Tower Event: Rapunzel
05/17 – Sally’s Potent Potions Event


THE MINERS – Break is no longer broken, and will properly increase damage and decrease Tenacity for each stack on the opponent.
THE MINERS – The Miners characters had their walking animation sped up, so you can work faster not harder!
SLEEPY – Fixed a bug where Sleepy’s “Tell Us A Story” was only restoring 1 HP.
SNOW WHITE – Fixed a bug where Snow White would not enter Stasis when defeated by Hourglass.

Spring frame no longer laps over the talisman.