Content Update 4/24


Welcome to the new week in DSA. The latest passholder season features Platinum Ariel- upgrade to Passholder GOLD or PLATINUM to earn ‘Platinum Ariel’ character tokens. Progress through the Oh Bother and Monsters, Inc: The Scare Floor Events to earn Winnie the Pooh and Mike Wazowski character tokens respectively.

Login Daily to earn Spring Celebration characters from the Daily Login Calendar.

Thank you for your continued support, and see you in the Arena!



4/23 | Winnie the Pooh: Oh Bother Event
4/23 | Leaderboard: Emperor’s New Groove Damage Contest
4/23 | Tower Event – Triton
4/23 | Trials: Sally’s Potent Potions
4/24 | Inferno: 2x Drop- Gold
4/26 | Leaderboard: Pumbaa Energy Contest
4/26 | Summoner Showdown: Round 4
4/27 | Tower Event: Gargoyles
4/27 | Trials: Ferocious Face-Off
4/28 | Monsters, Inc: The Scare Floor Event
4/29 | Leaderboard: Bruno Energy


New Passholder Season Ft Timon

The best friend of the Mighty Warthog, Timon and the Queen of Pride Rock, Nala, are coming to DSA to take down their opponents who pose a threat to her Pride.