Content Update 4/16/24

Welcome to the new week in DSA. The latest passholder season features Platinum Ariel– upgrade to Passholder GOLD or PLATINUM to earn ‘Platinum Ariel’ character tokens.

The Last Robot on Earth Event is reheating  soon ! Power up Gizmoduck and your Tech Team for battle to earn Tokens for Eve and Wall•E Tokens!

Login Daily to earn Spring Celebration characters from the Daily Login Calendar.

Thank you for your continued support, and see you in the Arena!



4/16 | Oogie Boogie: Holiday Event
4/16 | Passholder S97 ft Platinum Ariel
4/16 | Tower: Rapunzel
4/16 | Trials: Galactic Rune Rumble
4/16 | Leaderboard: Passholder
4/17 | Inferno: 2x Drop- Gear
4/18 | Wall-E: Last Robot on Earth Event
4/18 | Gizmoduck- Gizmo’s Tech Training Event
4/19 | Leaderboard: Frank Wolff Energy
4/19 | Summoner Showdown: Round 3
4/20 | Leaderboard: Tech Damage
4/21 | Emperor’s New Groove: Llama Drama Event
4/21 | Leaderboard: Ascension Energy
4/22 | Leaderboard: Lily Houghton-Energy


Winnie the Pooh: Oh Bother Event
Monsters, Inc: The Scare Floor Event
New Characters from The Lion King- Timon & Nala