Content Update 4/21

New Hunchback Tower Event! Earn Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Claude Frollo!

Claude Frollo is a devastating single target controller whose summons can take over the battlefield if left unchecked. He gains stacks of Fury and expends them to inflict devastation on his enemies.

Quasimodo is a reactionary tank that will do anything to protect his allies. He amasses shields to protect his teammates and sustain himself through the battle, making him hard to deal with and take out.

Esmeralda is a fast, evasive battlefield controller who excels in buffing her allies and hindering her opponents

Grand Campaign
4-M: Quasimodo
5-M: Esmeralda
Heroes Campaign
6-I: Esmeralda
Villains Campaign  
4-H: Quasimodo

The Beauty and The Beast Event is coming back!
Prestige Battles added to Beauty and The Beast.
New Leaderboard contest – Spend Energy to earn extra rewards!
Coastal Conflict is coming back!
2X Gear is coming Monday
Celebrate Earth Day in the Arena!
A Princess Celebration is on the way.
Fixed an issue with Login Calendars not displaying details on the calendar view.

We are working on another round of Bug Fixes for a future release.