Content Update 3/31

**Club PvP Quest Adjustments: **

Switched from Wins to Completions

Reduced the overall number of completions required (Max 300) and adjusted scaling


**PvP Adjustments: **

Gold has been removed from PvP wins

Gold has been added to the PvP Pack

Added a new daily optional quest for PvP Wins that awards gold


Club Exchange – Level 60+ will now have more T7 Gear and less lower level Gear

Raid exchange – Level 60+ will now have more T7 Gear, additional T6 gear, and less lower level gear. Levels 51-59 will have additional T6 gear slots.


Coconut Crackdown event is coming back!

Big Hero 6 is returning! This time, with a new Prestige battle! Gear up your BH6 squad to prepare.

New PvP Arena Season – Moana (Season Rewards + PvP Pack) and Gramma Tala (PvP Pack)

New Passholder Season – Moana, Maui, Stitch, and Gramma Tala. Added a full T7 gear piece to Platinum tier rewards.

Prepare for an Adventure

Rapunzel Tower event is coming back!

Stitch Tower event is coming back!

Costal Conflict is coming back!

Scrooge’s Money Bin Heist is coming back!

Spring Hop Event

Level 61+ Rewards