Content Update 11/10

1v1 Club Conquest


CLUB CONQUEST 1v1 is here! Check out the exciting new updates, including a new schedule (twice a week), new rewards, and the long awaited 1v1 experience!



11/11 – Monsters, Inc.: The Scare Floor Event

11/11 – Leaderboard Contest: Jungle Cruise – Frank Wolff Energy

11/11 – Leaderboard Contest: Ascension Energy

11/11 – Leaderboard Contest: Monsters, Inc. – Mike Upgrade

11/12 – Disney+ Day

11/12 – Spectral Standoff Event

11/13 – Gargoyles Event Tower

11/14 – Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event

11/15 – 2x Drop: Grand Coins

11/16 – Passholder Season 39 – Tiana

11/16 – Leaderboard Contest: Passholder

11/16 – Leaderboard Contest: Monsters, Inc. – Damage

11/16 – Rapunzel Event Tower

11/16 – Galactic Rune Rumble Event

11/17 – The Queen’s Clash Event



Mike Wazowski: 4-Stars (80 Tokens)

Randall Boggs: Adjusted from 4-Stars to 3-Stars (50 tokens)



Davy Jones (Tournament Exchange, Exclusive)

Namaari (Tournament Exchange)

Randall Boggs (Tournament Exchange)

Training Potions (Tournament Exchange, Level 54+)


Grand Campaign 6-L: Namaari (previously empty)





Moved his chance to repeat the attack onto the base level, and increased the chance from 30~40% to a flat 50%.

Upgrades that increased the chance to repeat the attack now instead increase the maximum number of attacks (2~4).

New Upgrade: In Raids, each hit increases this character’s Offense until the end of this ability.


Special A:

Changed Stealth from 2 → 1 turn.

Changed percent chance to inflict Fear on adjacent to “If this ability defeats an opponent, inflict Fear on adjacent.”

New Upgrade: If the enemy is already inflicted with Fear, inflict Vulnerable. (Has an Upgrade from 1 → 2, works when defeating adjacent.)

New Upgrade: If this move defeats an opponent, this character gains a Bonus Turn.


Special B:

Increased Silence Duration at base from 1 → 2 and removed the upgrade.

Increased Speed Meter reduction at base from 30% → 50% and removed the upgrade.

New Upgrade: In Raids, gain 3 Magic for this ability.

New Upgrade: If this ability defeats an opponent, this character gains a Bonus Turn.



Removed Stealth Upgrade (is now always 1 turn.)

Changed Health restored from 2~7% + 2~7% per opponent inflicted with Fear to 30% + 10% per ‘Monsters, Inc.’ teammate.

Now grants bonus Tenacity and damage reduction while Stealth at base.

Upgrades now increase bonus Tenacity and damage reduction.




Removed Hero Assist Chance

Added bonus damage per Hero & Monsters, Inc. teammate

Added bonus offense in Raids


Special A

Changed: If a Hero is a teammate, gain Defense Up

Added: If target already had Fear, inflict or extend Offense Down


Special B

Removed chance to inflict Offense Down

Added: In Raids, deal bonus damage per Hero & Monsters, Inc. teammate

Added: If Mike Wazowski is a teammate, gain Crit Power Up


Passive A

Changed: The first time an opponent is inflicted with Fear each turn, gain Shield. For each additional opponent inflicted with Fear each turn, chance to gain bonus Shield equal.

Added: If this character has Shield, gain Defense.


Passive B: Scary Feet

NEW: When an opponent receives Fear, chance to perform the following on that opponent:

Deal up damage. Inflict Stun. Gain Evasion. In Raids, deal bonus damage.

If Mike Wazowski is a teammate, gain Tactics.