Upcoming Event and Adjustments

Hello Summoners,

A patch will be coming soon!


Cave of Wonders Event – Soon

JASMINE Node added – Villains Hard 3B, Hard 4A

GENIE Node added – Villains Hard 4C

MERIDA Node Added – Villains 2A

Tower Mode

Zap, Peter’s Shadow, Big Bad Wolf Outfit have been removed from Club Dungeon

Level 20 Complete will now give 100% :

2000 Club Currency

10 Trigger’s Tower Tokens

10 Infinity Sided Die Token

Adjustments – 

Grand Campaign Currency Payout Adjustments

Stage 1: 184 per node

Stage 2: 184 per node

Stage 3: 276 per node

Stage 4: 276 per node

Stage 5: 276 per node

Stage 6: 322 per node

Grand Currency Pack Price and Drop Adjustments

Tournament Rank Reward Adjustments


New PvP Arena Locations – Sorcerer’s Tower and  Club Wars

Oogie Boogie’s “Time To Play” – No longer does damage to friendly opponents

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