Update 9/21


Here are the events for the upcoming week:

Celebrate Pixar Fest with the Incredibles 2x Drop this week, and don’t miss out on the Miguel Energy Leaderboard and Outfit Sale for Coco Week.

9/21 – Monster’s Inc.: The Scare Floor Event
9/21 – Leaderboard: Tiana Energy
9/21 – Pixar Fest: Incredibles 2x Drop
9/23 – Summoner Showdown: Round 3
9/23 – Spectral Standoff Event
9/24 – Event Tower: Hunchback
9/25 – Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event
9/26 – Leaderboard: Miguel Energy
9/26 – 2x Drop: Gear
9/27 – Event Tower: Triton

Here’s what is coming soon to the Arena!

Classic Mr. Incredibles Outfit
Vampire Stitch Outfit
Edna Mode Legendary Event: Who will Win: The Incredibles, the Capes, or Both?