Update 10/5/2022

Hey Summoners,

Here are the notes for the upcoming update!


Power up your cape-wearing characters and Incredibles team to battle through the NO CAPES Legendary Event and earn tokens for EDNA MODE!

The following characters will be required to battle through the event and unlock this bold new addition to the Arena:

Battle I: Syndrome, Darkwing, Bo Peep, Jafar, Mother Gothel
Battle II: Dash, Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Violet, Jack-Jack, Frozone

The Haunted Arena Celebration continues! Limited Time Haunted Daily Quests continue through 10/15. Open the Haunted Vanity Pack for a chance at tokens for the exclusive VAMPIRE STITCH OUTFIT, Sanderson Sisters Talismans, and more!

Remember to login every day in October to collect the Daily Login Calendar rewards and earn the CLASSIC MR. INCREDIBLE OUTFIT on the last day in October. Missed a day? No problem! You can purchase missed days with gems. Don’t miss out!


10/04 | Tower: Rapunzel
10/04 | Trials: Scrooge’s Money Bin Heist
10/05 | Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers Event (LAST RUN)
10/06 | NEW Edna Mode: No Capes Legendary Event
10/07 | Summoner’s Showdown November: Round 01
10/07 | Trials: Ferocious Face-Off
10/08 | Tower: Hunchback
10/09 | Beauty and the Beast: Beauty and the Beast Event
10/09 | Haunted Arena: Haunted 7-Day Calendar
10/10 | 2x Drop: Gear
10/11 | Leaderboard: Villains Energy
10/11 | Tower: Triton
10/11 | Trials: Galactic Rune Rumble
10/12 | Winnie the Pooh: Oh Bother Event


Elastigirl is at the top of her game! She’ll stretch to hit multiple opponents with her special abilities to Stun and snatch their Helpful effects, and she’ll leap into action to counterattack when her kids take damage. Her new passive will allow her to Stay Flexible enough to avoid attacks and adapt to any team composition!

Mr. Incredible has swapped those horrible Taunting pajamas he used to wear for new bold Protects, Counterattacks, and Undefeatables! He’ll energize his family with Speed Meter and Magic, and team up with Elastigirl to Stun their opponents.

Violet has embraced her powers and will be using them passively to stay out of the spotlight and support her family with Shields and Helpful effects. She’ll team up with her baby brother to flatten her foes with her new Incrediball ability and strip their Helpful effects!

Dash wants to win every race by stealing speed meter from opponents when his turn comes around. Hard to keep this speedster in second place!

Jack-Jack is a wildcard who will keep his foes on their toes with consistent assists when his family attack or take damage. Though his unpredictable attacks may repeat many times, he’ll try to pull out his best powers when he’s paired with his family. He may even assist with one of his special abilities!


Edna Mode is returning to Hero work! This ornery support will make sure her team is decked out in only the finest Helpful effects and none of those horrible Harmful effects – she won’t allow it! She’ll call her team of Supers and fabulously outfitted Heroes to assist, and most importantly, she’ll make sure that no one is wearing one of the Harmful Capes!


The following bug fixes will be rolling out in this week’s update:

[Jafar] T-Pose fix (resolved on 09/30)
[Daisy] Tactics to guarantee follow up attack
[March Hare] You Must Have a Cup of Tea! Ability – Repeat to apply to random teammates
[White Rabbit] Special A – Health Restore % string updated in all languages to reflect correct number
[White Rabbit] Special B – Will only apply “slow” and random (2) harmful effects for (1) turn, as intended
[Mad Hatter] Upon death, Passive A trigger no longer grants speed meter to opponents or teammates
[Mad Hatter] Special A roll out animation fixed



– Change: Chance to perform follow up moved to Lvl 1
– New: Follow Up does bonus damage per Hero teammate
– New: At Lvl 2, Chance to perform follow up attack is increased per Hero teammates
– Change: At Lvl 4, Increase bonus damage
– Removed: Bonus Crit Chance

Special A
– Change: Now affects target and adjacent opponents.
– Removed: Increase duration of a random Harmful effect by 1 turn, Gain Evasion.
– New: Chance to Purge 1 Harmful effect.
– New: At Lvl 2, Inflict Stun on target opponent.
– New: At Lvl 4, Chance to inflict Stun on adjacent opponents.
– Change: Increase the duration of random Helpful effect on this character by 1 turn.
– Change: Magic Cost increased to 4

Special B
– Change: Now affects target and flanking opponents.
– Removed: Transfer Harmful effects, Transfer Helpful effects
– New: Deal bonus damage per Helpful effect on character and target
– New: Chance to steal Helpful effects
– Change: Magic Cost reduced to 4

Passive A
– New: Chance to counterattack when Violet, Dash, or Jack-Jack take damage, dealing damage and reducing speed meter. If children are defeated, ability crits.
– New: At Lvl 2, Chance to give ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates Magic.

Passive B: NEW: Stay Flexible
– When this character is attacked, chance to: Evade the attack, counterattack attacker, cleanse harmful effect, gain Evasion and Tactics.
– At Lvl 2, Gain Offense, Speed, and Crit Chance per missing teammates.

– Change: ‘Downtown Hero’ teammates gain Crit Chance.
– New: ‘Downtown Hero’ teammates gain Offense.
– Change: On Crit, Downtown Heroes gain Speed Meter and Magic for random abilities.

Mr. Incredible


– Change: Increased chance to inflict Offense Down.
– New: Chance to repeat follow-up attack, increased per ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammate
– New Upgrades: Chance to inflict Offense Down

Special A

– Change: Gain Protect per ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammate instead of Taunt.
– New: Gain Defense Up For 2 Turns
– New: If Frozone is a teammate, he performs “Ice Block” on the teammate with the lowest health, excluding this character.
– New: At Lvl 2, ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates gain Speed meter. If Violet or Dash is a teammate, they gain bonus Speed Meter.

Special B

– New: Inflict Stun on the target opponent.
– Removed: Hero and ‘The Incredibles’ assist chance.
– New: At Lvl 2, If Elastigirl is a teammate inflict bonus damage.
– New: At Lvl 4, If Elastigirl is a teammate, chance to inflict Stun on adjacent opponents.

Passive A

– Change: Instead of gaining Taunt, Mr. Incredible will gain Protect.
– New: Inflict Intimidate on attacker and one random opponent.
– New: At Lvl 2, On Defeat, call all ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates and to assist on random opponents.


– Change: Downtown Hero teammates gain bonus Tenacity and bonus Defense.
– Change: ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates instead gain bonus Tenacity and bonus Defense
– Removed: Healing for low health teammates
– New: Grant the following bonuses to ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates for the following ‘The Incredibles’ Heroes that are teammates:
o Elastigirl: Offense.
o Violet: Evasion.
o Dash: Speed.
o Jack-Jack: Crit Chance.
o Frozone: Potency.



– Change: Guaranteed to inflict Defense Down.

Special A

– Change: Magic Cost increased to 4
– Change: Defense Up moved to Level 1
– Removed: Stealth shield increase
– New: At Lvl 2: ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates gain Evasion
– New: Lvl 4: ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates gain Harmful Immunity

Special B NEW: Incrediball

– Deal damage to target and flanking opponents. Purge Helpful effects, preferring Taunt and Protect. If Dash is a teammate, he and this character gain Shield and Haste.

Passive A (Previous Special B)

– Change: Now activates on Turn Start.
– Removed: Extra turn upgrades.
– Change: Removed Healing, replaced with Shield.
– New: Gain Evasion.
– Change: Gain or extend Stealth.
– New: At Lvl 2, Activate this ability on Battle Start.
– Change: At Lvl 4, reduce Magic Cost.

Passive B

– Removed: Dash Extra Shield.
– Change: ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates receive bonus shield.
– New: At Lvl 2, ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates receive Undefeatable.
– New: At Lvl 4, Activate again when teammates fall below 30% Health.
– New: Gain Speed Meter and X% chance to gain Magic for Forcefield when this ability activates.
– Removed: Magic Cost


Special A

– Change: At Lvl 4, If Violet is a teammate, she will assist.

Passive A

– New: At Lvl 1, On Turn start, Steal Speed Meter per CHARGED from the opponent with the highest Speed meter.



– New: Chance to repeat the attack on random opponents
– Change: At Lvl 4, increase Ability Max repeats
– Change: Repeat is now always on a random opponent.

Special A

– New: At lvl 4, Increase the chance to perform Metal Jack-Jack and Electric Jack-Jack per ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates.

Passive A

– Change: Base Potency at Lvl 1
– Change: Guaranteed to gain Guaranteed Crit, Offense Up or Haste on Turn Start.
– New: Chance to assist or counterattack when ‘The Incredibles’ Hero teammates deal or take damage.
– New: At Lvl 4, chance to assist or counterattack with Special A or Special B regardless of magic charge.