Spell Rework and 2 New Characters

Content Update 5/27/20 – NOT LIVE

Dear Summoners,

Below is a list of changes coming in the future Content Update.

New Characters:
Anna – Grants allies Haste, Speed Bar, and Magic and has a defensive Leader ability

Olaf – Quirky support. Charms enemies and can revive self, extends allies helpful effects

Where to find them:

Olaf: Grand 4L

Anna: Heroes Elite 4D (Replacing Hopper), Villains Elite 5B (Replacing Kronk)

Premium Exchange: Olaf and Anna

Tournament Exchanged: Added Anna, Removed Monterey Jack

Olaf will also be in the Grand Campaign Chest, both will be in the Ultimate 1x/5x/10x Chests, and both will be in the Loyalty Chests for the appropriate levels (Olaf for levels 15+, and Anna for levels 26+)


Spell Changes:

After careful review of spell effectiveness in battle, we’ve found that a number of them were becoming far too much of a determining factor in a battle’s outcome than desired. The intent of Spells is to be complementary to a team’s strategy and not the runaway star of the show. By making this change, we can better ensure that team strategies can be fully realized with opportunities for counter play.

Splash Mountain


Splash Mountain Soak now only reduces the available Magic charge on a random ability (lvls 1 -3) on the PRIMARY target opponent

Final upgrade affects all abilities on the Primary target opponent only.

Debuff extension and damage still affects all opponents.

Thunder Mountain Boom –


Thunder Mountain Boom spell no longer charges while a previous instance of its effects are still in play against any opponent character.

Mortal Potion –


Changed to single target spell with AOE Damage

If Hades is a teammate, create copy of Continuous Damage on primary target

Fowl Play –


No longer affects Taunt

Only purges and copies helpful effects from primary target, and purges and copies X helpful effect(s) instead of all

If Jafar if on your team, he will automatically gain a copy of Purged helpful effects

More Aladdin teammates increase the amount of purged helpful effects that get applied to your team

Blue Fairy Magic –


Blue Fairy Magic now only affects a single character

Now properly gives Speed Meter fill to a character IF a harmful effect was removed

No longer applies a heal-over-time effect.

Peanut Pummel –


Peanut Pummel now only applies Blind to the primary target.