Onward Event

3 New Characters, 1 New Spell


Go on an adventure and earn yourself the Onward team!

Event Structure:

Book 1: Use your team of Heroes to earn Ian

Book 2: Use Ian + Heroes to obtain Barley

Book 3: Use Ian and Barley + Heroes to obtain The Manticore

You will earn Onward Coins which will be used to open an Onward Chest to get additional character tokens!


  • Ian is a magic caster high damage potential. He has several synergies with his brother, Barley.


  • Barley is a clever combatant who uses his wits and knowledge to support his teammates. Through well-placed actions he empowers his team to reach their full potential.


  • The Manticore is a courageous Defense character that fearlessly defends allies and furiously attacks foes.

Dad Moves

  • Dad Moves is a spell that hinders opponent’s through the sheer awkwardness of Dad’s dance moves. If Ian and Barley are present, they will let loose and gain a bonus.

Event Start: 3/26/2020
Event End: 4/05/2020