DSA Road Ahead

Hello Summoners!

It’s been an exciting first half of 2022 and as we head towards the second half of the year, we wanted to share with you some of our future plans and ideas for DSA! So sit back, put on your reading glasses and grab a cup of coffee or tea. 

Let’s waste no time – on to the fun stuff! 

Friends and Club Updates: 

Buddy Bonus Program

One new feature we’re expecting to release in the near future is called the “Buddy Bonus Program.” Inside the Buddy Bonus Program you will be able to pick a buddy to track milestones and earn rewards throughout the time you play together. For those of you at a higher level, you will still be able to participate by chasing repeatable rewards.  While you’re only able to have one active buddy at any given time, you will be able to be on more than one Buddy list. Our intention here with this feature is to give players more of a sense of connection with those they play with, all while rewarding them for being the best of buddies! 

New Friends UI + Experience

We also want to take this time to improve the friend system in game. This will include a new  “Daily Gift” system which will give a new currency and allow your friends to purchase items in a new store area! Again, we wanted to lean into one of the more important aspects of video games, friendships and community.

Here is a list of potential things we are thinking for this feature:

  • There will be a new “friend” currency.
  • This currency will most likely look like a heart (little heart coins, something along those lines)
  • Store offers will be made available to spend this currency.
  • There will be an interface in the friends list to send this currency to friends.
  • Players can send a reward (1) time every (24) hours (global time).
  • There will be a cap on the amount of currency that can be accumulated 
  • Players cannot purchase this currency or obtain themselves directly. The only way a player can get this currency is if another Player gifts it to them via their friends list.
  • Clicking the button in the friends list will give the designated currency (and quantity) to that particular player. This can only be sent once every 24 hours (global reset) to each player on your friends list.
  • 24-Hour Global Reset – At midnight PT every day it will reset for all players

Club UX Improvements

One pain point we heard from Club Leaders is how hard it is for players to find a club or a club that is right for them. So with this update we will be adding updated filtering to make sure people find the right club. We will be introducing an Auto-Join feature to help get new players into the Club system. In addition to that, we are investigating other QoL features for Clubs and Club leaders. 

Gear and Level Cap Increase

We will be unlocking the T9 gear piece slots and will allow folks to upgrade their characters to T9.5. In addition to that, we will be increasing the level cap to 90. During the initial release, players will be able to craft the first 4 pieces from materials that will be dropped from a new Ascension campaign! Our goal is to make this new Ascension Campaign difficult and to tune the nodes to encourage players to theorycraft and strategize in order to progress.As part of the new gear tier release, we will be looking for ways and locations to increase these items in some fashion to help players continue their progress through late game content. 

The final 2 pieces will be released at a later date through what we believe will be Club Expedition or another large scale epic encounter that we have come to be known by. 

Also in the near future it is our goal to release new and exciting teams and characters to bolster your rosters! Currently on our mind are these folks, but you never know which way the wind will blow. As most of you know we are polling you frequently to see who you hope to see in the Arena.  

  • Alice in Wonderland Legendary 
    • Alice (New Legendary), The Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, The March Hare, The White Rabbit, Caterpillar
  • Ratatouille 
    • Linguini & Remy
  • Incredibles 
    • Edna Mode
  • Free Login Outfits
    • Throughout the year we plan to put lots of cool outfits for your favorite characters into free calendars for you as a token of our appreciation to our players

The Future and Beyond

We also want to give a sneak peak into much further out, and while this is further out and has more likelihood of movement, we wanted to throw our ideas out at you.  

The later window for us is looking at a feature release of a new Social PvP Mode

We know this is a long requested feature and are excited to be working on it for you. 

In short, our hopes are that you will be able to: 

  • Challenge someone via profile/friends list/chat
  • Configure a “Bolster Feature”; which, if activated, may upgrade Stars and/or Gear Tiers to a specified threshold in order to better level the playing field between the two competitors.

This is a feature we plan to develop over time and turn it into a space where players can set up their own desired PvP experiences. The ability to customize turn and time limits, usable characters, and an optional pick and ban phase are just a few of the features we plan to bring to Social PvP as time goes on. Here are some feature ideas we’re currently throwing around:

Planned Additions for V2+ and beyond:

  • Lobby with active PvP match rooms and open requests
  • Ability to see other active players looking for a casual match
  • Ability to create a PvP group match rotations
  • Ability to customize battle environments
  • Room Chat to coordinate with other players
  • Ability to post open request to entire club
  • Ability to start a match against friend from PvP Lobby (pop up friends list)

New Social PvE Encounter And G 9.5 Pieces

We’re also thinking about a new Club Expedition experience which will include  a new chase character! Currently our eyes are on someone whom we’ll describe as; Big – Red – Angry

  • Characters we’re thinking about:
    • Secret
      • Secret
    • Snow White: 
      • Evil Queen, Huntsman
    • Encanto (Legendary):
      • Mirabel, Bruno, Louisa, Isabella, Antonio, Camillo

As a reminder, these are just theory/thought documents and time, tech or anything else that may pop up that can alter any of our ideas could adjust the above to any degree, but we just wanted to give you an idea of what we were thinking. 

We are excited to share this journey with you and hope you’re excited too!

See you in the Arena. 

-DSA Development Team