Dev Update: Club Conquest


As you are aware, we have had ongoing server issues which are often exposed during the start of our Club Conquest feature.

We have finally diagnosed the issue and have a resolve, however that fix is going to take some time to fully implement.  In parallel to implementing that permanent fix, we have been trying to keep things up and running for you all with some band-aid solutions that have obviously not yet yielded the stability we’re all seeking.

So as a result, rather than run the risk of having the next Club Conquest result in potential server downtime, we have decided to give it another week of internal testing and will be postponing tomorrow’s Club Conquest.

Landing on this decision was not hastily made, but ultimately your player experience means more to us.

We understand the frustration you are feeling. Trust us when we tell you that every dev on DSA is an active player and feels this same frustration.

We will be giving everyone 1st place Club Conquest rewards as a token of our gratitude for your passion towards DSA.


– Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Team