Content Update

Spring is in full effect, nature is blooming, and the woodland critters are overjoyed that the rest of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs characters are joining us this week! Check out the Character section below for a ton of information on the latest and greatest Legendary character joining Disney Sorcerer’s Arena.

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04/20: Raya – Heart and Fang Event
04/21: Leaderboard – Oceanic Damage
04/22: Earth Day Celebration
04/22: Summoner Showdown – April Round 3
04/22: Ferocious Face-Off Event
04/23: Tower Event – Hunchback
04/24: Maleficent – The Mistress of All Evil Event
04/25: 2x Drop – Gear
04/25: NEW Snow White – Fairest of Them All Event (LEGENDARY!!)
04/26: Leaderboard – Gargoyles Damage
04/26: Tower Event – Triton
04/27: Peter Pan – Neverland Event

Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Dopey, and Doc will be available.

The rest of The Miners are joining the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Side Adventure Campaign in preparation for the NEW Snow White Legendary Event coming on April 25.

Bashful is shy and likes to hide in Stealth, while granting Evasion and protecting his teammates from Vulnerable. His unique Passive gives him Guaranteed Crit when he starts the turn with Stealth, and lets him inflict additional break when he Crits.

Happy copies Helpful effects onto his teammates, gives Defense and Defense Up, and protects against Defense Down. His unique Passive gives him a chance to copy Helpful effects when his teammates receive them.

Sleepy is incredibly tired, inflicting Sleep and then falling asleep himself. He grants Continuous Healing and Potency. His unique Passive restores Health to him whenever he falls asleep, and lets him wake up much more easily.

Dopey brings chaos and fun to the team, granting teammates random Helpful effects. Don’t underestimate him though, since he also gives his team Speed and protects them from Slow! His unique passive lets him take Harmful effects off of his teammates and put them onto himself.

Doc grants Tactics, Undefeatable, and protects his team from Intimidate. He’s also the leader of The Miners, calling them to perform additional basic attacks and abilities with his unique Special. His Leader ability rounds the team out with some bonus max Health, as well as providing the team a little boost based on which The Miners teammate wasn’t able to join the fight. It also gives them a little extra staying power against Bosses!

Snow White is a powerful support that protects her team from abilities that affect multiple teammates, especially against abilities that cast automagically when it isn’t the opponent’s turn. Her affinity with woodland creatures lets her call them in various ways, whether it’s calling teammates to assist, or helping out her friendly Princess teammates, or greatly swinging the pace of the battle. She’s got a Charm, she applauds her teammates when they defeat an opponent, and she wouldn’t be Snow White if she didn’t sometimes fall into a deep sleep instead of being defeated.

Known Issue: Doc should have a Sorcerer’s Chosen tag, this will be fixed early next week.