Content Update 8/22/23


The Paw Party celebration continues! Earn Paw Coins from Boss Chests and Treasure chambers in Club Expedition from August 21 – 27 and use them to open either a Meow Paw Pack or Woof Paw Pack available in the store till 8/27.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Event is coming soon– Gather your Oceanic and the other required characters to battle and earn exclusive Will Turner & Cursed Jack Sparrow characters!
Good luck, and see you in the Arena!


8/22 | Tower Event: Rapunzel
8/22 | Trials: Sally’s Potent Potions
8/23 | Inferno Campaign: 2x Drop: Gear
8/24 | Paw Party Celebrations- Adventure Campaigns: 2x Drop: Tokens
8/24 | Lightyear: To Infinity Event
8/24 | Peter Pan: The Neverland Event
8/25 | Summoner Showdown- Round 4
8/26 | Tower: Hunchback
8/26 | Trials: Spectral Standoff
8/26 | Paw Party Celebrations- Dog Day Free Gift
8/27 | Goofy Movie: Stand Out Event
8/27 | Leaderboard: Elizabeth Swann Energy
8/28 | Main Campaign: 2x Drop: Gear

8/31 | Pirates of the Caribbean Event ft Will Turner and Cursed Jack Sparrow
9/01 | September Daily Login Calendar ft Pixar characters
9/01 | Passholder Season 82: Ft. Will Turner