Content Update 7/22

Gizmo’s Tech Training Event incoming! Battle to earn Gizmoduck Tokens!

Black Cauldron 35th Anniversary celebration incoming

Mor’du Wilds Trial incoming – lowered Gear and Character requirements


**Character Refresh**

**Scrooge McDuck**

  • Special A (Money Dive):
    • If Gizmoduck is a teammate, then gains X helpful effect with duration of Y (if applicable) on start of this ability.
  • Special B (Number 1 Dime):
    • Changes: Effects now apply to Scrooge and adjacent teammates.
  • Passive A (Tougher than the Toughies):
    • Starting cooldown reduced to 2



  • “Tech” Category added
  • Basic:
    • Additions: Chance for extra attack increased by 5% per Tech teammate [Unlocked at upgrade level 2]
  • Passive:
    • Additions:
      • On Spawn and on end of turn, Quorra and Quorra’s avatar have 20% chance per Tech Hero teammate to gain 1 Evade up to a max of 3. This character should not gain Evade on turn when stunned. [At base level]
      • Quorra does 10% bonus damage per Evade. [At base level]
      • Avatar gains 5% bonus Health per Tech teammate [At base level]


**Darkwing Duck**

    • “Tech” Category added
    • Basic:
      • Additions: On Critical Strike, Purge 1 Helpful effect. [At base level]
    • Special A:
      • Additions: 20% Chance per Tech teammate including Darkwing to purge 1 Helpful effect from affected opponents. [At base level]
    • Special B:
      • Additions: Generate 1 Magic for all abilities for Gizmoduck, Generate 1 Magic for all abilities for 1 other random Tech teammate. [At base level]
    • Passive:
      • Additions:
        • Now ALSO activates when Health falls below X%.
        • Now guaranteed to activate, not based on a chance.
        • Cleanses all Harmful effects from this character
        • Increase this character’s Speed Meter by X% per Tech teammate.
        • If Gizmoduck is an ally, gain Undefeatable. X% chance to gain Evade.
    • Added speed stat to 1 piece in Tier 3, Slot 3 – previously was just health
      Added speed stat to 1 piece in Tier 5, Slot 3 – previously was just health


  • “Tech” Category added


  • Passive:
    • Additions: Grants 20% speed meter fill to 2 random Tech Teammate(s) [At base level]



  • “Tech” Category added


**Sgt. Calhoun**

  • “Tech” Category added



  • Premiere Tank for the Tech team
  • Gains shield from special and passive
  • Protects his team with taunt and inflicting blind on opponents
  • Leader ability gives Crit Chance, with Tech teammates also gaining Shield from Crits.
  • Has synergies with Tech, Darkwing, and Scrooge


  • Updated to be a main damage dealer for the Tech Team
  • Agile attacker that gains Evade on turn end and deals increased damage per Evade.
  • Chance to gain Evade and Avatar Health increase per Tech teammate.


  • Updated to be a control focused damage dealer for the Tech team.
  • Disrupts enemy team by Purging Helpful effects with an increased chance per Tech teammate
  • Can grant Magic for abilities to Tech teammates.
  • Passive now activates more consistently, on more conditions, and adds survivability.
  • Has strong synergy with Gizmoduck


  • Specific synergies with Gizmoduck added, making him a good choice for control or additional damage within a Tech team.


**Node Shuffle**
– Quorra (5-A, previously Sheriff)

– Sgt Calhoun (Moved Up 5-H, previously 6-H)
– Sheriff of Nottingham (3-J, previously 5-A)
– Darkwing (Moved up 4-D, previously 6-A)



VIP Exchange New Items

Darkwing Duck Unlock change – Now Unlocks at 2*

Sgt. Calhoun unlock change – Now unlocks at 3*


**Bug Fix**

Character A will not Counterattack if opposing Character B applied a disabling effect to Character A, on Character B’s turn