Content Update 7/15

Not Live Yet


Here are the notes for the upcoming content update:

Stitch Tower (July 17th) – These Tower Events will come back at a later date

  • There will be a Stitch Tower Currency for a new event Exchange.
  • This currency will only be viable for the Stitch Tower event.
  • There will be Club Milestone Rewards and Individual Rewards (Leaving a club during the event will forfeit your ability to earn more rewards during the current event)


Toy Story 4 Event Incoming – Collect Toy Story 4 Spells!


Characters will not perform certain actions under (Stun/Sleep/Charm) Including Attack, Leader, Charm (stop character from using Passive/Proc, but will attack)

Found and fixed a bug that prevented certain characters passive’s and leadership abilities from working

Talisman have descriptions


Villains 4D: Captain Gantu (Previously Elastigirl)

Grand 4J: Elastigirl (Addition)

Grand 5F: Randall Boggs (Addition)

Grand 5K: Cobra Bubbles (Previously Randall Boggs)



  • Stitch is a premier damage dealer for the Oceanic category.
  • His Basic grows in power each time he uses it during his turn, making him able to deal good damage even while all Specials are on cooldown or if he is Silenced.
  • Stitch’s passive makes him very resilient against multi-hit attacks.
  • He counterattacks when enemies gain Charged, keeping them in check.

Cobra Bubbles

  • Cobra is a tactical support unit who controls the battlefield.
  • Inflicts a new harmful effect: Intimidate – Intimidated units can’t Assist, Counterattack, or gain bonus Speed Meter.
  • Can purge helpful effects and cleanse harmful effects.
  • Passively grants Tactics to teammates, and assists when teammates with Tactics attack.

Captain Gantu

  • Gantu is a counterattacking brawler who becomes more and more dangerous the longer he is not attacked.
  • Chance to counterattack whenever any other teammate is attacked.
  • Inflicts Slow on all opponents.
  • Grants Tactics to all Oceanic teammates.