Content Update 6/17

Toy Story 3 Event coming


Chunk – Defense – Passively gains shield through opponents inflicted with fear and protects his team with Taunt

Big Baby – Offense – Damage dealer – Strong single target damage – Increased damage vs. feared opponents

Lotso – Support – Leader – Passive healer, inflicts fear – apply taunt to weak enemies

All 3 characters have increased strength in Club Conquest Mode

Chunk has been added to the Heroes and Villains campaigns


Campaign Changes

Heroes Elite Campaign Changes

Node 3A: Chunk (formerly Hopper)


Villains Elite Campaign Changes

Node 3C: Chunk (formerly Sally)

Node 5C: Hades (formerly Merida)


Grand Campaign Changes

Node 4B: Hopper (Addition)

Node 4H: Sally (Addition)

Node 5D: Merida (Addition)

Node 6B: None (Removed Hopper)