Content Update 6/15

Hello Summoners!

This week we’ve got a couple of great celebrations for you!

Make sure to login the 17-18th for the Lightyear movie release celebration, including a FREE inbox talisman, and a celebration bundle available in the store. Father’s Day is the 19-20th, and we’ve got another talisman and bundle available to celebrate some of your favorite Disney father figures, including an Expedition bonus where you can pick up some tokens for King Triton, Mr. Incredible, and even Dad Moves!

We’ve also got a celebration headed your way on the 21-27th with the Stitch 20th Anniversary! We’ll have flash gifts landing in your inbox during this week, as well as a FREE 21-Day Calendar featuring a brand NEW Cobra Bubbles Outfit!


Fairest of Them All continues
06/15: Mother Gothel – Mother Knows Best
06/16: Leaderboard Passholder
06/17: Summoner Showdown, Round 3
06/17: Coastal Conflict Event
06/18: Tower Event – Hunchback
06/19: Hercules Event – Zero to Hero
06/19: 2X Father’s Event
06/19: Expedition Bonus – Father’s Day
06/20: 2X Grand Coins
06/21: 21-Day Cobra Bubbles Outfit
06/21: Leaderboard – Oceanic Damage
06/21: Tower Event – Triton
06/21: Sally’s Potent Potions

BUG FIX: An issue some folks faced where their game crashed clicking the battle button has been fixed.