Content Update 5/16/23


Hope you had a happy time celebrating Mother’s Day. The celebration continues-  Login daily to earn Mother character tokens from Monthly Calendar, stay on the lookout for Flash Gift drops daily at random times, Earn special reward from Mother’s Day Ad Chest available in the store , Gramma Tala tokens from Boss Chests and Mother Gothel & Mrs. Incredible tokens from Treasure chambers, with bonus Ability Runes in Club Expedition till May 19.

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!


5/16 | Passholder Season 75: Ft. Mad Hatter
5/16 | Leaderboard: Passholder
5/16 | Trials: Galactic Rune Rumble
5/17 | Inferno Campaign: 2x Drop- Gear
5/18 | Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event (2x Drop on Wreck-It Ralph side campaign)
5/19 | Leaderboard: Inferno Energy
5/19 | Summoner’s Showdown ft. Downtown Heroes- Round 3
5/19 | Trials: Coastal Conflict
5/21 | Alice in Wonderland: Peculiar Party Event
5/21 | Leaderboard: Snow White Damage
5/22 | Main Adventures: 2x Drop: Gear

Event Update
RESCUE RANGERS Trophy, TOY STORY SHOWDOWN Trophy, SUNNYSIDE PLAYTIME Trophy are moved to Lifetime Achievement- promote Gadget, Bo Peep and Lotso characters respectively to 7 Stars to acquire these trophies.

– The Madrigals are dancing on their way to DSA, get ready to say hello to Bruno.

Bruno Madrigal:
I see grave danger in your future. Oh, rats! Go back to your room! So where were we, yes your FUTURE!! Nah, you’re good. Smell the flowers on your way out. Rats, odd demeanor & the serious visions, yes that Bruno Madrigal. He’s coming with the same odd behavior & assisting, countering, buffing teammates and debuffing opponents. Get ready for him.

– DESIGNER CLAD Mrs Incredible Outfit