Content Update 5/12

The Last Robot on Earth – Earn EVE and Wall-E!
Battle with Gizmoduck and your Tech Team to earn EVE Tokens. Battle with Gizmoduck, EVE, and your Tech Team to earn WALL-E Tokens!

Two new exclusive profile frames in the Last Robot on Earth Event!

WALL•E: Tech Support who cleans up the trash (Harmful effects), purged Helpful effects on his Basic and is very difficult to dispose of. Plays especially well when paired with Eve!

EVE: Powerful Tech Offense that can use her basic attack to assist Tech teammates who deal Critical Strikes. Keeps opponents in check by transferring their Continuous Healing effects to her allies, exposing opponents who are affected by Stealth and reducing opponents’ Speed Meter. Plays especially well when paired with WALL-E!

Leaderboard Contest – Passholder XP
New Passholder Season – EVE
Mother Knows Best is almost over!
Are you ready to ascend?
Rapunzel Tower event is coming back!
Gizmo’s Tech Training event is coming back!
Costal Conflict is coming back!