Content Update 3/21/23


Hope some of you were able to chase the Huntsman and Evil Queen and make your squad stronger. Nevertheless, the event shall return next month.

The DSA 3rd Anniversary Celebration continues with Club Expedition BONUS rewards, available for a limited time! Earn Anniversary Coins from Boss Chests and Treasure Chambers in Club Expedition from March 25 – 31 and use them to open the Anniversary Character Pack or Anniversary Vanity Pack available in the Store till March 31!

The Titans have Sieged upon the Arena during the anniversary– stay on the lookout for free celebration gifts, a special Anniversary Outfit calendar, flash gift drops, and Gift codes – there will be 1 hidden on each day on either discord/Twitter/Instagram/in-app, all coming this weekend.

03/21 | Leaderboard: Tiana Energy
03/21 | Tower Event: Rapunzel
03/21 | Trials: Sally’s Potent Potions
03/22 | Inferno: 2x Drop- Gold
03/23 | Goofy Movie: Stand Out Event
03/24 | Leaderboard: Inferno Energy
03/24 | Trials: Ferocious Face-Off
03/25 | Tower: Hunchback
03/25 | DSA Anniversary – Club Expedition Bonus, Outfit calendar, Gift Codes
03/26 Leaderboard: Miguel-Energy
03/26 | Beauty and the Beast Event
03/27 | 2x gear

Snow White: Fairest of Them All Event
April Fools: Celebration Gift
Passholder Season 72: Ft. Kingdom Villain Units

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!