Content Update 7/29


Below are the notes for the upcoming Content Update

Coconut Crackdown Event Coming – Earn Moana, Maui and Gramma Tala Tokens!

Stitch Tower Event Coming

Stitch Tower Changes:

  • Tower III, Node 5: Reduced Star Level required to enter
  • Tower III, Nodes 6-9: Removed Captain Gantu/Cobra Bubbles drops, increased Stitch Tower Coins and Milestone XP drops
  • Club Milestones: Adjusted required XP per reward tier

Sorcerer’s Trial Coming

August Login Calendar – Moana and Gramma Tala

Moana – 3* Unlock

Maui – 4* Unlock

**Character Refresh**

**Tinker Bell**

    +Made ‘Chain to Adjacent’ guaranteed.
    +Updated wording to reflect that the chance to reduce speed meter apply to primary AND adjacent target. It has always worked this way but the wording was ambiguous.


    +Made Shield guaranteed for an adjacent teammate.
    +Level 2 upgrade now grants Evade to target teammate instead of increasing chance to Chain.
    +Reduced Magic cost by 1 (from 4 to 3)



    +Made Heal Block guaranteed on target opponent.
    +Reduced Magic cost by 1 (from 4 to 3)


    +Removed chance to activate and make guaranteed.
    +Level 2 upgrade now grants an additional Continuous Healing effect instead of increasing the chance to activate.



    -Added the following: If target opponent is affected by Shield, increase damage by X%.
    -Made it guaranteed to inflict Defense Down on upgrade level 2.


    -Added the following: Copy 1 Helpful effect from target opponent to Captain Hook.



    -Made it guaranteed that a random teammate will also gain Haste.
    -Reduced Magic cost by 2 (from 4 to 2)


**Bug Fixes**

Scrooge McDuck “Money Dive” Duration of Help Effects now working as intended

Gizmoduck’s Passive now only extends intended harmful effects, excluding Stun, charm and polymorph



Soon, we will be increasing the level cap and allowing players to obtain certain T7 Gear pieces. This is to support a different future release that will allow you to obtain gear through other means.


Moana Tokens – 10
Gramma Tala Tokens – 10
Maui Tokens – 5
Ariel Tokens – 5
Tinker Bell Tokens – 5
Hook Tokens – 5
Training Potion – 20,000
Gold – 600,000
T3 Gear – 17
Grand Currency – 11,000
Gems – 500
Ultimate Chest tokens – 100
Alpha Runes – 70
Beta Runes – 60
Gamma Runes – 5
T4 Gear – 5
H/V Energy – 240
Grand Energy – 240
Club Currency – 8000
Arena Currency – 6000
Emote – Heihei
Talisman – Pua