Content Update 2/24

NEW CHALLENGE TIERS have been added!

Super Collide Event is coming back!

Triton Tower is coming back!

Ferocious Face-off event is coming back!

Zero to Hero event is coming to an end – make your final push for Hercules NOW!

Follow THE leader…

New Passholder Season – Minnie Mouse

Sensational 6 Part 1 is coming back!

New PvP Season Reward – Minnie Mouse

02/27 – Gift Drop Event

03/01 – Token 2x Drop

Hades + Mortal Potion high value special offer!

Hercules Mythical Gear Bundles are being added to the event store tab

To celebrate our upcoming 1 year Anniversary we have added Speed and Offense Sorcerer Stones to Passholder Platinum!

Bug Bash Update coming soon!

Basic: Fireball

  • All hits (Empowered and non-Empowered) now inflict Continuous Damage.

Special A: Scorched Earth

  • Gain 1 Counterattack per Mythical Villain teammate up to a max of 5. (Gaining Counterattack no longer requires Empowered.)
  • While Empowered, Purge1 Helpful effect from each target.

Special B: Combust

  • If Pain and Panic are a teammate, they immediately activate We Are Worthless Worms! regardless of current Magic.
  • While Empowered, immediately evaluate all Continuous Damage effects on opponents.

Passive: Unbridled Rage

  • If health falls below 60% while already Empowererd (from Pain and Panic), immediately activate Combust regardless of current Magic.
  • When this character becomes Empowered, gain Undefeatable, up to a max of 3.
  • On turn start, if Empowered, X% chance per Villain teammate to gain Undefeatable, up to a max of 3.


  • Helpful effect flipping now prioritizes Invincibility.
  • Add “Flip 1 additional Helpful effect on target opponent per Villain teammate.”
  • Add “If Pain and Panic are a teammate, flip an additional Helpful effect on each adjacent opponent.”


Bug Fix
Pain and Panic can now successfully activate their basic attack after using “It Wasn’t Us” on the following characters:

  • Elsa
  • Captain Gantu
  • Flynn Rider
  • Dash
  • Donald Duck