Content Update 2/23/23


Hope you all are doing great!

The Mistress of All Evil Event is ending soon! Hurry up to earn Maleficent tokens.

The upcoming Snow White: Fairest of Them All Event will have an extended duration– so hurry up and gather your Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs team and the other required characters to battle and earn exclusive Huntsman characters!

Huntsman will be a required character for Book 2 which rewards the Evil Queen character- will be launching soon!

Enjoy special deals over the weekend – Fantastic Friday deals, Flash sales, T9 Gear merch, as we gear up to the launch of Huntsman and the Evil Queen.


02/23 | Hercules: Zero to Hero Event
02/23 | Snow White: Fairest of Them All Event (extended duration)
02/24 | Evil Q and Huntsman: Fairest in the Land Event’s Book 1
02/24 | Leaderboard: Linguini & Remy Energy
02/24 | Trials: Spectral Standoff
02/24 | Summoner Showdown: Round 1(with New Characters)
02/25 | Tower: Hunchback
02/26 | Leaderboard: Gargoyles Damage
02/27 | 2x Drop: Gear

– March Login calendar (ft Princess and Kingdom Villain unit tokens)
– DSA Anniversary Celebrations
– New PvP environment

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!