Content Update 2/07/24


Hope you all are having a great time! Valentine’s celebrations will begin soon – Get 2x character token drop in Grand, Heroes and Villain Campaign, stay on the lookout for flash gift drops at random times from 2/9 – 2/14, a chance to earn Snow White Castle outfit tokens, higher rewards from Valentine’s Ad Chest, The Platinum Event will be coming soon and Snow White’s aid will be needed to obtain the next exclusive Platinum Characters.

Battle through the Snow White event to earn exclusive Snow White Tokens, special deals including the Beauty and the Beast Bundle, and much more !

Good luck, and see you in the Arena! 



2/7 | Inferno Campaigns – 2x Drop : Gold

2/8 | Raya: Heart and Fang Event

2/9 | Leaderboard: Pepa Energy

2/9 | Valentine Gift Drop

2/9 | Summoner Showdown – Round 2

2/10 | Leaderboard: Robin Hood’s-Gold

2/10 | Lunar New Year celebrations- Free Gift

2/10 | Tower Event: Hunchback

2/10 | Trials: Spectral Standoff

2/11 | Valentine Ad chest

2/11 | Snow White: Fairest of Them All Event 

2/12 | Main Adventures: 2x Drop: Gear



– 2/14 | Valentine Celebrations-Dynamic Duo Event

– 2/15 | Wall-E: Last Robot on Earth Event

– 2/18 | Cruella: Seeing Spots Event



Maleficent’s Basic – “THUNDEROUS WRATH”
– Fixed a bug where Maleficent didn’t inflict STUN if the opponent target has 8 or more Harmful effects.