Content Update 12/8/2021

The Winter Celebration continues, all month long! Keep an eye out for more ways to earn Mistletokens each week!

12/08 – Mother Gothel: Mother Knows Best Event
12/10 – Coastal Conflict Event
12/11 – Leaderboard: Villain Energy
12/11 – Tower Event: Gargoyles
12/12 – Hercules: Zero to Hero Event
12/12 – Winter Celebration: Winter Daily Quests Week
12/14 – Summoner Showdown: Season 4, Round 4
12/14 – Tower Event: Rapunzel
12/14 – Galactic Rune Rumble Event
12/15 – Raya: Heart of Fang Event

Apologies for recent interruptions in game services yesterday that impacted several areas of the game including PvP, Sorcerer’s Tournament, and Summoner Showdown. A gift was sent to all summoners yesterday evening, which you will find in your inbox, as a thank you for your continued patience.