Content Update 12/16

The Sensational Six Event Part 2 is coming! Earn Pluto, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse

NEW: Prestige battles. Use Mickey Mouse and the Sensational Six to earn valuable rewards!

Oogie Boogie Holiday Event coming!

Kit Refreshes for The Nightmare Before Christmas team! (see below)

Free Winter Calendar!

Frozen Event is coming back!

King Triton Tower Event is coming back!

Spectral Standoff is coming back!

Frozen PvP takeover – earn bonus Mistletokens and Frozen Character tokens!

New Sensational Six Store Packs

Winter Gift Drop – Coming soon. Login daily at specific times to collect FREE Mistletokens!
Winter Daily Quest – Coming soon. Complete limited time optional Daily Quests to earn Mistletokens!

Daisy’s Passive no longer heals allies when extending their buffs


Grand Campaign

  • Grand 5-G: Pluto (previously Judy Hopps)
  • Grand 5-L: Minnie Mouse (previously Monterey Jack)
  • Grand 6-L: Monterey Jack (previously empty)
  • Grand 7-A: Judy Hopps (previously empty)

Heroes Campaign

  • Heroes 6-G: Pluto (previously Pocahontas)
  • Heroes 6-H: Minnie Mouse


Kit Refreshes

  • Jack Skellington
    Chance to increase duration of Harmful effect increased by 25%.
    Special A
    Fear now hits target and adjacent opponents and Heal Block has chance to hit adjacent opponents. Damage reduced to compensate.
    New mechanic: On use, if Sally is a teammate, this ability gains 1 Magic.
    Special B
    Now grants Shield on initial application.
    New mechanic: If target is Mythical, grant them Undefeatable.
    Pumpkin Shield reworked, new description: Increases Defense. Each time an opponent gains Fear, gain Shield. On expiration or combat end, converts Shield into 2x Health until Health is full.
    Now triggers if any opponent has Fear instead of being chance based.
    Now deals damage and has chance to inflict Offense Down to all opponents with Fear.
  • Sally
    No changes.
    Special A
    New mechanic: If the target has Fear, remove Speed Meter.
    Special B
    Now deals bonus damage to targets with any Harmful effect, instead of only targets with Fear.
    New mechanic: On targets with Fear, chance to increase duration of Fear.
    Magic Cost increased by 2. Damage increased to compensate.
    New mechanic: When Sally gains Pumpkin Shield, this ability activates immediately regardless of Magic Charge.
  • Oogie Boogie
    Helpful effect Purge now tied to follow up attack.
    Chance to follow up attack now part of base ability.
    Max follow up chance increased (20% at base, further increased by upgrades).
    Follow up attack chance doubled if the target has Fear.
    Health restoration removed to compensate for increased healing from Passive.
    Special A
    No changes.
    Special B
    Fear duration increased by 1.
    Healing increased if the target has Fear.