Content Update 11/01/2023


Hope you enjoyed the Haunted Arena celebrations and had a great Halloween.

Welcome to a new month in DSA- the new PvP season features Hinterlands environment with Linguini & Remy character tokens from the weekly and seasonal rewards.

The Stand Out Event is reheating on 11/5- Gather your Sorcerer’s Student team and get ready to battle to earn exclusive A GOOFY MOVIE characters!

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!


11/01 | Passholder Season 86: Ft. Platinum Minnie
11/01 | November Daily Login Calendar ft Sensational Six character tokens
11/01 | PvP Season: Hinterlands environment ft Linguini & Remy tokens  
11/01 | Leaderboard: Passholder
11/02 | Beauty and the Beast Event
11/03 | Summoner Showdown – New Season | Round 1
11/04 | Tower Event : Hunchback
11/04 | Trials: Coastal Conflict
11/05 | Leaderboard: Elizabeth Swann Energy
11/05 | Goofy Movie: Stand Out Event
11/06 | Main Campaign: 2x Drop: Tokens

11/09- Pirates of the Caribbean Event: Ft Will Turner and Cursed Jack Sparrow
11/12- Monster’s Inc.: The Scare Floor Event
11/16- Winnie the Pooh: Oh Bother Event