Content Update 10/28

Not Live Yet

Stitch Tower Event is coming back!

Coastal Conflict Event coming back!

Haunted Forest PvP continues – Earn those Spooky coins and The Headless Horseman tokens!

Toy Story Showdown event Continues

Into the Unknown event continues! Unlock powerful Elsa!

October 31st – This will be the last day to earn and spend your Spooky coins!

Jack-Jack bounces into a new PvP Season

Mr. Incredible, Violet, and Dash available on Campaign Nodes

Node Adjustments:

Grand 6B: Mr. Incredible (Addition)

Grand 7D: Violet (Addition)

Heroes Elite 7F: Mr. Incredible (Formerly Judy Hopps)

Heroes Elite 8F: Dash (Formerly Sergeant Calhoun)

Villains Elite 6E: Violet (Formerly Oogie Boogie)

Villains Elite 8E: Dash (Formerly Buzz Lightyear)

Sorcerer’s Stones Changed in VIP Exchange